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Not a marriage, not quite cohabiting, and we’ve three years of this? April 29, 2016

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Looks like they’ve agreed to… three years of FF support for an FG minority government. How is this going to work, how long is it going to last? And is that sound in the background that of hands being rubbed with glee as the opposition sizes up the position of FF having to stand over government decisions and FG implementing them? Small wonder FG wants some of the Independents inside the tent.


1. gendjinn - April 29, 2016

When are the details of the agreement being announced?

Also “this is not a programme for government” appears to give FF a get out of jail card during the next 3 years.

Oh god, does FF get the opportunity to call a GE on a matter of principle that just accidentally coincides with an overwhelmingly popular position?


dmoc - April 30, 2016

Only if it’s in the ‘national interest’, going forward going forward.

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Tomboktu - April 30, 2016

When are the details of the agreement being announced?

The final agreement will be between three or four entities, FG, FF, and one or two independent groupings. I would say that they need to see what changes the independents will need before it will be published.


Dr. X - April 30, 2016

They may want to be able to do that, but I don’t think they’ll be able to climb that hill.


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