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This weekend I’ll mostly be listening to… some songs. April 30, 2016

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It is early Summer, isn’t it? Sure, it’s snowed and hailed and frozen this week. But it’s kind of the Summer. Almost. Anyhow with that in mind here’s a bunch of tracks in no particular order and from recently and not so recently that I’ve been listening to.

Go! – Mai Lan and M83

As they push ever more urgently towards 80s revivalism (guitar solo courtesy of Steve Vai FFS) here’s exhibit A from their most recent album released this month or last or sometime c. 1986.

Hot for Nietzsche – Turbonegro

A single from last year that somehow I missed. This, with the immortal line “If this weekend doesn’t kill me… it can only make me stronger” providing the missing link between philosophy and death punk. Should one be needed.

No No No – Dan White


kresy – Miles in the Galaxy

From a few years back I think. Techno house or is it house techno?

Aziol – Trux

New and IDMish.

Out of Control – Lush

A real return from Lush. A new EP, gigs. And a more meditative approach that links neatly with their earliest EPs.

Sugar Town – Nancy Sinatra

And more from Ms. Sinatra soon too – this is a pop classic, surely?

Amanda Ruth – Rank and File

From 1982 or so, one of the original progenitors of cowpunk.

Ball of Confusion – Monster Magnet

A cover of the classic which brings out the… er…spacerock side of the song.

100% or Nothing – Primal Scream with Haim

Great song, album is okay.

Dance the Night – The Cult

The album is a mixed thing but this track is pretty good.

Songwriters on the Run – Robert Forster

He plays Ireland in the next month or so.


1. Phil - May 2, 2016

Lush! And sounding just exactly like Lush, too. The years roll away…

Nice percussive textures on that Trux track – reminded me of a copule of the variants of Wire’s The Drill.


WorldbyStorm - May 2, 2016

Yes! I’m really pleased Lush came back so elegantly. Check out the third track on the EP which seems autobiographical (from the bands perspective), it’s very fine. The years roll away. So true.

Trux are great. Really enjoying their mini-album.

Mind you I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, that you’re not signing up to the Turbonegro philosophy 101 course! 🙂


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