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Exaggerate much? May 1, 2016

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In the jokeless world of 2016, humour is practically banned for fear of offending


1. roddy - May 1, 2016

During the Drumcree protests which ran for several years in the late 90’s ,a dyslexic orangeman spent the entire time in DUNCRUE street wondering where everyone else had gone!


2. Gewerkschaftler - May 2, 2016

A lesbian of reduced stature and a Jewish drag queen were having an increasingly heated discussion in a bar.

Says the lesbian: “I think you’ll find that the Stonewall riots were started by a butch dyke and not a drag queen.”

“That,” snaps the drag queen, “is political correctness gone mad!”

I think I spot my coat next to Mr. Roddy’s.

The best political joke I heard this week I think is due to Andy Hamilton:

“The Tories want to introduce more homeopathic remedies into the National Health Service. They intend to replace hospital service with the memory of a hospital.”


3. WorldbyStorm - May 2, 2016


See? It’s all cool!


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