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One unlikely thing after another… Election 2016 and after. May 1, 2016

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The news that the government is in contact with up to 14 Independent TDs in the effort to seek support for the FG minority government is perhaps only the latest in the unlikely line of events we’ve witnessed since the election result. Which is most unlikely? Hard to tell really. That FF came back with more TDs than expected? That FG is still in office months after the contest? That this is a Tallaght Strategy Plus by FF? That FF has managed what the LP never did, that is to stand aside (sort of kind of) when offered a sniff of government? That water charges have become an issue in a way that they didn’t quite during the election itself? That Enda Kenny is about to become the first FG leader re-elected to the office of Taoiseach? That FF is ‘pledging’ to support three budgets? That we’re about to get Independent Ministers, or so it seems?

Fine Gael Ministers suggested last night there should be three seats at Cabinet for independents as well as a number of junior positions and it is likely that the required six votes will be secured by Wednesday when the Dáil will meet to elect a Taoiseach.

it’s just one thing after another:

But one has to wonder how all this plays out further once the dust settles, if indeed Kenny is elected Taoiseach? Can fourteen or so Independents stay the course? Will going into government with FG be good or bad for them? And how does that impact on the Independents who don’t go into government?

Where is FF? Tied to the ship of government, it’s their ‘pledge’ after all. But not in government. Are they about to become the meat in the sandwich crushed between the government and the ‘real’ opposition? And where does that leave SF and the further left and the non-government TDs?

Is this genuinely one of the strangest periods of Irish political activity ever? The legacy, or aftermath of the crisis, played out now across yet another election? And perhaps set to play out yet further if that three budget Dáil term is achieved. For who will be best positioned to take advantage of the political landscape that develops in the next three years?

In an odd way I wonder if the truth is no one can be entirely happy at this outcome…


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