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Singapore Straits… May 1, 2016

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Was recently reading about how the sight of ships in the Straits of Singapore is breathtaking. There’s so many of them – passenger, container and other vessels, all channeled into a relatively narrow space.

Speaking of which… Apparently there’s something of a submarine arms race going on there too. Singapore has six military submarines, Malaysia has three. And not to be outdone Indonesia has two.


1. Gewerkschaftler - May 2, 2016

The brother used to drive ships through this kind of channel.

He says at night it was rather like playing space invaders by radar. Vessels going mostly in the same direction but at different speeds. Except with more drastic consequences if you didn’t think ahead.

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2. Gewerkschaftler - May 2, 2016

Coming from a family with a lot of sailors – stokers, engineers and more lately the odd navigator/mate, I’ve always been fascinated by docks and shipping.

This article article by D’Eramo in the NLR is a great statistical and historical overview overview of how shipping and docks has changed the world and port cities and how it continues to change.


Liberius - May 2, 2016

Have you read the book ‘Deep Sea and Foreign going’ by Rose George? It probably doesn’t contain anything new for someone with familial links to the sea but it did quite a lot to expand my knowledge of shipping, something I found quite interesting given that it is so rarely talked about.


Gewerkschaftler - May 2, 2016

Nope – but it’s now on my to-read list.

Thanks for the tip.


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