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The Fine Gael Leadership Question … May 1, 2016

Posted by irishelectionliterature in Irish Politics.

Whilst there was severe disquiet in FF at the thought of going into Partnership with FG, the agreed arrangement is causing much joy at the discomfort of FG especially regarding the deal on water.
Leo snipes and FF people are majorly offended! Yet FF demanded what they wanted such is the caretaker Taoiseachs’ desire for a historical second term.
Talking to various FG friends over the past few days and the sense of betrayal they feel from the Party leadership and it’s negotiating team is immense.
I was surprised at the literal hatred that they had for Enda Kenny and anyone associated with him. One described Kenny as ‘a poor man’s Haughey’… Kenny stood for nothing and lacked the intelligence of Haughey.
It’s fairly plain now that once Kenny is back as a real Taoiseach and Ministerial and other posts handed out then a leadership challenge will be mounted. Yet who takes over? All of the leading contenders have baggage one way or another.
Simon Coveney is tainted, it was he who originally mentioned doing a deal on Water.
Frances Fitzgerald might have a chance but she has overseen an out of control gangland feud in Dublin , Garda morale is on the floor, Rural Crime is an issue and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of things that have gone awry in Justice.
Micheal Noonan, Richard Bruton , Charlie Flanagan are all yesterday’s men.
Heather Humphreys is discredited from the McNulty affair.
Paschal Donohoe is overseeing Luas strikes and well I couldn’t see him as leadership material.
Leo Varadkar isn’t exactly setting the world alight in Health and isn’t the most popular of Ministers outside Dublin (although FG grassroots love him).
One name came up as a potential leader a number of times and that was Regina Doherty. In a way for FG to prosper it will have to skip members of the previous cabinet…. and once you skip them there’s precious little left.
We might get a signal as to who is to launch a leadership challenge when the ministerial posts are being dished out. ..if someone refuses to take a Ministry to remain untainted by Kenny. A senior person who can be “The Soul of the Party” from the backbenches.

All the while I think any political advantage FF thought that they had got has been disappated. Their stunt on water has pissed off those in favour of charges and those against charges see through it as a stunt by FF. We’ll see what Indos jump on board and how it all plays out but to many despite protestations of FF it’s seen as an FF/FG Coalition.


1. WorldbyStorm - May 1, 2016

Just thinking about this, do those you know with an FG perspective think a second election would have been better for the party? Or what would they suggest was an alternative course of action?

Certainly what you’re saying explains the calls for Deasy, is it, to get a Ministerial position.


2. roddy - May 1, 2016

Regina Doherty told Adams that the state and loyalist killings of several of his relatives and the killings of three members of the public in his constituency office by an RUC man “were brought on by your own actions Gerry!”.If this mad blueshirt gets to be taoiseach, expect fireworks every day in the Dail.


Tom Smith - May 1, 2016

The same lady said in an interview on LMFM radio recently that water charges must remain and that she was convinced they would.


WorldbyStorm - May 1, 2016

Heheh, excellent


3. sonofstan - May 1, 2016

Have FG changed their leadership election process? Or is it still old school TDs and senators? And would I be correct in saying that, after Dev, Enda must now be heading towards being the longest serving party leader in the history of the state?


WorldbyStorm - May 1, 2016

You’re right, SBP had a breakdown today and it’s mostly TDs etc, paragons of democracy.


4. roddy - May 1, 2016

Adams is ahead of them all as longest serving party leader,Dev included.


Enzo - May 2, 2016

for how much longer though? They’d want to take Twitter off of Gerry!


DublinDilettante - May 2, 2016

Sure he’s friends with a few millionaires in the ANC, it’s grand like.


5. Gewerkschaftler - May 2, 2016

This arrangement is nearly as good – perhaps better in terms of its instability – as a coalition government in terms of the damage it could do to both conservative parties.


6. PaddyM - May 2, 2016

One name came up as a potential leader a number of times and that was Regina Doherty.

Let me guess, these would be the same people who thought Gay Mitchell for President was a good idea.


7. ryanharperwriting - May 3, 2016

There is absolutely no way that Regina Doherty is going to take over as leader. It’s Leo or Simon, end of story and both will have a difficult time with the current situation. Suspending the water charges is the most ‘Irish’ thing I have ever witnessed. Only in Ireland.


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