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This took two months to cobble together? May 2, 2016

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From the Irish Times yesterday:

Main points of Fine Gael – Fianna Fáil agreement

Deal will last for three budgets – until autumn of 2018
Fianna Fáil will support Fine Gael on Lansdowne Road agreement on public sector pay.
A commission on pay in the public sector will be set up
Commitment to raise rent allowance by 15 per cent in next budget
An initiative to tackle waiting lists in the health service


1. Paddy Healy - May 2, 2016

The Great Port Laoise has given FF-Fg 6 weeks to Stop Evictions
Note a halt to evictions is not contained in FF-FG Agreement
First Do No Harm!!!
ANTI-EVICTION Conference Part 2

Stop The Evictions–TDs and Other Participants Speak


2. Jim Monaghan - May 2, 2016

If you live in any constituency, you need a Healy-Rae or a Halligan. Nevermind having a party of the Left or Right. Shades of the French Fourth Republic. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Fourth_Republic Or worse the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Third_Republic Later period.
The surprising thing is that the major political parties, FF and FG have not splintered long before. I can see demands for even more ministers.
The Gombeen Republic.


CL - May 2, 2016

The Healy-Rae split is ongoing; traditionalists hewing to an old tradition.


CL - May 2, 2016

That fella with the cap does look as if he might have some Norman genes in him.


lamentreat - May 2, 2016

Split my ass, those two have just arranged to somehow divide things up. They’re covering the angles.


CL - May 2, 2016

Good thought.
Not being exclusively indentified with the FF gene pool could be a cute hoor stroke to maximize the electoral advantage of all Healy-Raes.


Gewerkschaftler - May 3, 2016

Never mind gene-pool, the sub-species Homo Sapiens Healy-Raensis reproduces by mitosis.

Or so I’ve heard.


3. sonofstan - May 2, 2016

2 months…..and 96 years

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4. fergal - May 2, 2016

And how many to undo- the whole process has been a farce and could have been done and dusted in an afternoon- the programme outlined above will really get the pulses racing and hearts beating- business as usual except an opening now exits for the left to hammer the fg junkie and their three year only dealer..ff


5. CL - May 2, 2016

“There will be no significant change of policy. Markets will remain the dominant determinant of government action.”


Gewerkschaftler - May 3, 2016

That goes without saying. It’s therefore important that this period of alliance should be made as damaging as possible to the pro-‘market’, anti-democratic, anti-humanist parties involved.


6. RosencrantzisDead - May 3, 2016

Does anyone want to hazard a guess as to why FG have committed themselves to such obviously unpopular policies?

Water charges are massively unpopular. The election has borne that out; yet, we still see Regina Doherty, Leo Varadkar and others being trotted out to support them. Why do this? It is not going to win them votes and, lets face it, they are not the kind of party who has principles beyond getting re-elected.

Is that they are still listening Stephen Collins (or some variant) in the background telling them that the electorate truly, deep-down, love those who pass policy in spite of popular will?

To answer my own question, could it be that they fear a change will make them look stupid and, like a WW1 General, have to cleave to the plan in the hope they will save face?

One alternative, I suppose, is that ‘there is no alternative’. Their advisers and Civil Servants have informed them that they are obliged to implement charges – Gavin Barrett (who never fails to appear with a legal opinion that buttresses everything the government of the day is pushing) claims that by setting up Irish Water the state have lost their only means of obtaining an exemption. I do not believe it myself since his view depends on the meaning of ‘established practice’ in the Directive which, to my knowledge, has not been given any judicial clarification. But could this be the key to the FG strategy?

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7. Pasionario - May 3, 2016

Note how they’ve gone for the soft option of marginally increasing rent allowance — a boon for landlords that will only be more expensive in the long run.

Building new council houses is such an obviously good idea — both economically and politically. What could be getting in the way?

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8. Jolly Red Giant - May 4, 2016

This ‘deal’ demonstrates how little there is in policy terms between FF/FG and the next few months will reinforce this (if FG don’t f*ck things up with the Indos).

Nobody will buy the nonsense from FF that they are in opposition while at the same time keeping FF in power. Paul Murphy outlined this on Prime Time tonight as he tore Pascal and Michael McG a new one.


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