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And what of another charges regime May 3, 2016

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I think this is interesting. Reports in the IT that:

More than half of households targeted in a two-year Dublin City Council crackdown on illegal dumping have failed to pay waste charges.

Of course it’s probably expedient to release those figures for a whole host of reasons, not least that ‘The figures contributed to the council’s decision to expand its use of CCTV images to expose people who dump their rubbish in the street’.

But for those of us who have problems from the off about charging systems for public services in regards to equity, the existence of broader deeper tax collection structures already in situ, etc, it’s also intriguing to read that:

However, fine payment rates are low and in some of the bags inspected previously issued litter fines were found. The council said its efforts had not been sufficient to stem the illegal dumping problem in the area and “overall the figures remain unacceptably high”.

No word though of the actual waste collection services which are on occasion, and unlike their council predecessors, remarkably intermittent at times.


1. Gewerkschaftler - May 3, 2016

That’s another problem with poorly executed doctrinaire regressive payment schemes for what should be simple natural monopoly public services, free at the point of use and paid for by progressive taxation; it leads to the decay of the service itself through people trying to game the system.

Madly inefficient. But it was never designed for efficiency – rather to enable as many middle-men to plug their feeding tubes into service provision as possible.


2. dublinstreams - May 3, 2016

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