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Our beloved Taoiseach May 3, 2016

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Mary Regan in the course of an excellent article in the SBP this weekend about the water fiasco – of which perhaps more later – makes a point that is well worth noting. Writing about one of the authors of that particular omnishambles – as she terms it, she asks…

… throughout all of this, where was Enda Kenny? As the complex series of political conversations, compromises and deal-making reached a climax last week, the man whose continuation in power it was centred around appeared to have retreated. In the highly charged atmosphere of last Wednesday’s Dáil, he seemed curiously withdrawn.

Indeed she further notes:

His last public appearance was on Friday April 1 =- when he appeared on the steps of Government Buildings to announce his intention to form a ‘partnership government’. The only time he was asked a question by an journalist in the month that has passed since then was when Newstalk’s Sean Defoe seized a chance to throw one at his on his arrival at work early in morning of April 20. ‘how are talks on government formation progressing,’ he asked, to which Kenny replied, ‘I would like to wish Joe Healy the best as President of the IFA’ before walking off.

How is it that this hasn’t been made more of by the media?


1. Mick Fealty - May 3, 2016

It’s hard to know what to make of it to be honest. Cormac Lucey in the Times Ireland seemed to suggest it was all over for Enda (and I think his logic is pretty sound politically). But he is still in office.

Maybe the penny’s finally dropped, that he’s a taunting reminder of just how far they’ve dropped under his leadership in just one term of what was largely an economic recovery.


Ivorthorne - May 3, 2016

And yet, and yet, it he has done what most FG leaders would love to have done and that is that he has got a second term of FG government.

It probably hasn’t helped him that some FG folks were talking about an overall majority prior to the election. There was a major disconnect between FG and the country that was obvious throughout the last government. They really thought that if there was some sort of economic recovery they’d take back all those who had switched to independents in the polls but a recovery is meaningless to most people when it means they’re underemployed/unemployed, have more bills than they did 6 years etc.

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Gewerkschaftler - May 3, 2016

That’s the point they’ll studiously continue to ignore, Ivor – the loss of economic opportunities and disposable income since the beginning of this current crisis.

I like to think that people have learned to mistrust distorted economic statistics and look at what’s left (or often how much more is owed to creditors) at the end of the month / week.

And there’s no chance within conformity to the current austerian norms imposed from the EU that this disillusionment is going to be reversed.

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Mick Fealty - May 3, 2016

I was turning it over further in the car listening to RTE this morning, and it seems to me that FG has had to manage multiple relationships in these negotiations being that they were always the party most likely to hit the required number.

So maybe it is just as simple as: all internal resources are needed to keep all plates spinning. Whilst everyone else in the Dail has had time and motivation to grandstand, FG are flat out internally just trying to get it over the win line.

Besides, keeping him dry until the moment of ‘victory’ arrives makes presentational sense. Maybe we’ll all forget the blind allies last five years and see this as a genuine new beginning?


Ed - May 3, 2016

I bought the IT on Saturday to enjoy all the wailing and gnashing of teeth over water charges, and there was a piece about the current gang war in Dublin’s north inner city. One of the community activists gave a real sense of how much people have been hurting because of public spending cuts since 2008, all the services and programmes that have been slashed or eliminated altogether. He had a line about working-class communities being caught between drug gangs on the one hand, State indifference on the other. Not a viewpoint that comes across in the IT opinion pages, to put it mildly.


2. Joe - May 3, 2016

“Maybe we’ll all forget the blind allies last five years and see this as a genuine new beginning?”

Eh. Nah, don’t think so.

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