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FG-Trots[sic]? Say again? May 4, 2016

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Is it me or is Eoghan Harris stressing the powers of his political analysis and predictions to an ever-increasing degree these days? He’s certainly no shy flower in regard to pointing to same…

RTE prefers pundits repeating themselves rather than cope with my contrarian analysis – which proved the correct one.

RTE’s virtual monopoly lets it lazily recycle tired cliches. Listeners to Newstalk get fresher fare.

Last Wednesday, Shane Coleman took me through my alternative analysis where I castigated the regressive role of the Pied Pipers, the Independents and Fine Gael Trots.

Er… come again? Actually no, check this out:

Let me give you a rundown on what was really going on, a story you were not allowed to hear on RTE, which brazenly continues to keep me off air – to the satisfaction of Sinn Fein.

Does he genuinely think that his appearance or non-appearance on RTÉ ruffles SF feathers in the slightest?

Anyhow, moving swiftly on:

Basically, I believe RTE promoted a majority faction in the media, whom I call Pied Pipers, which made a settlement more difficult by becoming players long before the election.

The Pied Pipers wanted two things: a grand coalition of Fine Gael and Fianna Fail, and the early replacement of Enda Kenny with Leo Varadkar.

In the past few weeks, as it became increasingly clear Fianna Fail would not facilitate either of these projects, both RTE and the Pied Pipers turned sullen.

Thwarted in its two projects, the Pied Pipers are now carrying on a consolation campaign to cast a cloud over the new minority government.

Right. Okay. But again, no shrinking violet he positions himself at the centre of all this. Oh he doesn’t say, or not quite, but how else to interpret the following:

My position was completely at odds with the Pied Pipers on each and every one of these issues.

First, I did not think a grand coalition was good for Irish democracy: it would create a political behemoth, polarise Irish politics, and soon put a posturing Sinn Fein in the saddle.

Second, I don’t believe Leo Varadkar has what it takes for the tough job of Taoiseach.

Finally, I believe this could be a good government not least because it will be a listening government.

Mine’s a legitimate viewpoint. But RTE will not let you hear it by cutting me off from current affairs programmes.

So even when he’s not being heard, he’s still influencing things. Anyhow, bizarre as that may seem to some, there’s more:

Luckily, readers of this column can access an alternative analysis of why the talks took so long, for which I offer two reasons.

First, Irish Water became a fetish with Fine Gael because it was the pet project of Phil Hogan, who rammed it through the Dail in four hours and threatened objectors with cutting supply to a trickle.

Second, Fine Gael’s Irish Water fetish became entangled in the leadership ambitions of Leo Varadkar, which finally surfaced in his selfish, dog-in-the-manger outburst last Thursday.

For a Fine Gael negotiator to jeopardise the future of the talks, he himself was taking part in is what I call Trotskyite behaviour.

Except maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it was just politics. Maybe – and I know this will be news to him, people doing things he doesn’t agree with for their own reasons is nothing to do with Trotskyism, or SFism, or whatever it is he dislikes, but is simply people taking different views.

And perhaps we’ve hit and passed peak-Harris when we have arrived at the FG-Trot conjunction.



1. Ed - May 4, 2016

“RTE prefers pundits repeating themselves rather than cope with my contrarian analysis … ”

I think we can already close the books on this year’s competition for lack of self-awareness among public figures. Sod it, never mind this year, we can close the books for the decade.


2. EWI - May 4, 2016

Dear God – I realise that I don’t believe in you, but if you do – please let Eoghan Harris become a Trump advisor. He’s superbly qualified for the position.



The Deity - May 4, 2016

Sorry – no can do.

The utilitarian in us demands that he should afflict the smaller nation rather than the larger. Meditate upon your sins – and consider wherefore he walks among you.


3. FergusD - May 4, 2016

FG-Trots??? What I want to know is what iteration of the 4th International are FG members of?

Does anybody listen to this egomaniac Harris? Maybe it is only WBS who reads his column>


Gewerkschaftler - May 4, 2016


Didn’t you know? They are one and the same. But neither can remember being the other.

WBS / Harris = Jekyll / Hyde.


Starkadder - May 4, 2016

“FG-Trots??? What I want to know is what iteration of the 4th International are FG members of?”

If you can believe making criticisms of Netanyahu means that you hate all Jewish people, or that the Mahon Tribunal is a plot to destroy Bertie Ahern, the I suppose believing FG is Trotskyist isn’t too far a step.


4. Jonah - May 4, 2016

“Does he genuinely think that his appearance or non-appearance on RTÉ ruffles SF feathers in the slightest?”

On the contrary, inviting Eoghan Harris to speak at Sinn Féin and ex-prisoner events was briefly in vogue back in 2001-3. Quite the done thing.

It came from a desire to expose members to a different point of view (the better to counter it) but ceased when members of Órga Shinn Féin failed to refrain from laughing aloud during one of his more…erratic…performances.

Hard to get your members to learn how to engage seriously with the arguments of your opponents when the person tasked with performing that role becomes an object of ridicule.


WorldbyStorm - May 4, 2016

Is that accurate? Priceless if so!


Jonah - May 5, 2016

Afraid so! He spoke at an event organised by republican ex-prisoners in Dublin and then after that at an Ógra Shinn Féin event in Galway that I attended, which was the end of the experiment.

I think there was a third one but can’t remember it for the life of me.


Joe - May 5, 2016

Iirc he spoke at the West Belfast Féile as well? With Danny Morrison? Wonder did SF pay him an appearance fee?
His list of clients would be fierce impressive: WP, FG, Bruton, Robinson, Nally, Bertie, SF …
Labour need a bit of help at the moment…


Michael Carley - May 5, 2016

Adh Mor is getting jealous.


Joe - May 5, 2016



5. roddy - May 4, 2016

Harris, Myers and their ilk briefly (very briefly)were slightly less hysterical when it became obvious that SF were serious about making peace work.However in no way were SF ever going to be allowed to cross the border with a successful project and once it became apparent that was on the cards the hysteria multiplied ten fold.


6. Phil - May 4, 2016

You know what, Harris isn’t alone – I haven’t had the invite from RTÉ myself in, oh, longer than I care to remember. And I’ve got a fully-worked-out analysis which is totally at odds with the shadowy faction that sets the parameters of political debate in the Republic – the Garden Gnomes as I call them. Scandalous when you think about it.


WorldbyStorm - May 4, 2016



7. Gearóid - May 5, 2016

Yeah, I vaguely remember a column of his where he boasted that he entered into smoke-filled Provo shebeens and confronted SF members about the morality of armed struggle, something that allegedly seperated him from the useless South Dublin chattering classes. He also claimed that, as much as he despised the party, at least SF’s members were drawn from the ‘real Ireland’, unlike D4.


Ed - May 5, 2016

The Plain Provos of Ireland.


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