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Uh-oh… May 4, 2016

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

…looks like it’s a Clinton/Trump contest.

Mind you Cruz was such a compromised candidate from the off. As was Rubio. As was a field littered with dismal potential nominees. Though it’s not as if Trump shone in comparison.


1. CL - May 4, 2016

“But his movement is clearly fascistic in its demonization of foreigners, its hyping of a threat by a domestic minority (Muslims and Mexicans are the new Jews), its focus on a single supreme leader of what can only be called a cult, and its deep belief in violence and coercion in a democracy that has heretofore relied on debate and persuasion. ”

“As compared with most Americans, Trump’s voters are better off”


WorldbyStorm - May 4, 2016

It’s pretty scarifying.


2. dublinstreams - May 4, 2016
3. makedoanmend - May 4, 2016

The Guardian newspaper has Sanders winning in Indiana.


Apparently it’s a shock to the Guardian!

The Guardians are being shocked quite often these days.


g - May 4, 2016

Well, the polls going into IN had Clinton up by at least +4%, not losing by 8%. And after losing NY, Sanders’ campaign has an almost impossible road to a majority of pledged delegates.

In previous primaries the back of the campaign is usually broken by the above and supporters don’t bother showing up for a campaign that can’t win. This is not happening this year.

There is a change in the air and it’s global.


4. Gewerkschaftler - May 4, 2016

And Clinton is precisely the Democratic Party candidate likely to do worst against Trump.

Either Clinton or Trump spells bad news, except for fans of ‘it must get significantly worse before it can get better’ theories.

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gendjinn - May 4, 2016

And Trump is the GOP candidate likely to do worst against any Dem candidate.

Watch the 3rd party vote this election, it has the potential to be interesting.

Of course it’s another 2.5 months to the conventions so pray for black swans.


5. CL - May 4, 2016

“Trumpism isn’t as purely American a phenomenon as it appears from up close…
nationalism, nativism, disillusionment with the economic results of globalization, fear of terrorism, cynicism about career politicians—are just as strong in Europe, perhaps stronger.
Trump’s brand of right-wing populism clearly shares some attributes with its European cousins. In an era in which traditional party loyalties are decaying, economic expectations have been disappointed, and outsiders are increasingly seen as potential job-stealers, or even terrorists, Trump, Le Pen, Hofer, and Farage (not to mention other right-wing European politicians, such as Denmark’s Kristian Thulesen Dahl and the Netherlands’ Geert Wilders) are all fishing in the same fouled waters, with the same lures: immigrant-bashing, jingoism, and the prospect of populist, or faux-populist, economic policies.”


6. Christopher Fogarty - May 4, 2016

It’s not over for Sanders, yet.

It is hard to believe, but if Hillary wins we will have to vote for Trump on the basis that he MIGHT prove to be a genocidist, but HIllary has ALREADY proven to be one. She has been in the Neo-Con forefront of all of our Supreme Crimes for Israel. Chris and Mary

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gendjinn - May 4, 2016

It was over when IA under30 was only 15%. The loss in NY should have made it apparent to everyone. Now Sanders is relying on black swan event or a 70/30 win in CA.

The latter is not as insane as it was on Mon. CA Dem primary is open to Inds but the GOP is not, the deadline for party registration is in a few weeks. Will the #NeverTrumps cross over, if so for Sanders or Clinton?


7. CL - May 4, 2016

:Will Sanders endorse Hillary Clinton? Yes.


8. gendjinn - May 4, 2016

I’m surprised at Cruz. Something happened we don’t know about – whether it’s as innocuous as the party telling him he wouldn’t be winning a contested convention, quid pro quo or straight forward blackmail is TBD. But something is up because he put a lot of hard work into getting his loyalists elected as Trump delegates (they’d be obligated to vote Trump on 1st ballot but are free agents on subsequent ballots).

The prospect of president Hillary Clinton is literally nauseating and the tough decision is although Trump is certainly worse in the short term, Clinton may actually be much worse in the longer term – either through Truman 2.0 and/or privatizing social security. Something both her husband and Obama were ready to do except Gingrich melted down and the Tea Party were too intransigent to support any deal with Obama.


9. irishelectionliterature - May 4, 2016

Should Trump be elected I can’t see him doing much of what he said he’d do. I imagine he’d spend four years admiring himself in the White House.


10. Choosing the Green - May 5, 2016

Trump is a far more dangerous threat than anyone gives him credit for…and the same can be said for his followers.
Clinton would already have been indicted if she was anyone else – and still might be before the convention, so we have a Presidential candidate either under indictment or one that should be. Both scenarios destroy any credibility, infrastructure, and nuance that the US has left – and we hardly have any these days anyway. Bernie’s not hopeless – he’s the last vestige of hope


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