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Also on Walter Carpenter from EWHG May 7, 2016

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Here’s an interesting short piece.


1. CL - May 7, 2016

“Black Americans were inspired by the Easter Rising, too. The leader of the United Negro Improvement Association, Marcus Garvey, called the association’s building in Harlem Liberty Hall.”


2. Alibaba - May 7, 2016

“Walter Carpenter was indeed a declared revolutionary, and his sons Wally and Peter had indeed taken part in the rebellion. Both had become volunteers in the Irish Citizen Army at its foundation in 1913 and served as part of the GPO Garrison. While Walter continued his activities as part of the Socialist Party of Ireland, and while pursuing this claim on their behalf, his comrade and friend James Connolly had been executed, and his son Peter was currently residing at Frongoch Internment Camp in Wales.”

How heartening it is to get information like this about the sensibilities and abilities of people I never knew about before.

Concerning Liberty Hall, there is a new publication: The Workers’ Republic: James Connolly and the Road to the Rising. It contains copies of The Workers’ Republic newspaper in which Connolly put out so many views. The Foreword contains the following view:

“But we are even more determined to make the legacy contained in Connolly’s writings a reality so that the Workers Republic finally comes into its own.”

Jack O’Connor, General President, SIPTU. 2015.

What dishonesty!


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