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And speaking of psychology, what of virtual reality? May 8, 2016

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Yikes. Don’t like the look of this at all. How virtual reality environments can be genuinely scarifying. Of course waling between the towers of the original WTC on a rope in a virtual environment would be fairly scary (apparently they had to roll back the element where if you fell… you… gulp… fell). But it reminds me of Halloween Haunted Houses. East Wall has a particularly good one where a very large tent structure is kitted out with half light, ghouls, hands grabbing at you, assorted sound effects and so on. It probably takes six minutes at most to get through but the first time was visceral in a way I’d not expected having never done one before. Subsequent times it was less so. But that’s contained in a way. In a virtual environment literally anything can be thrown at you.


1. Ivorthorne - May 8, 2016

I suspect that the most interesting aspect of our reactions to VR will be how we adjust over time and learn to discriminate between the consequences at play in VR and meatspace environments.

Of course, what we are now calling VR isn’t really real VR. This is effectively 360 (or close) video and audio. What will be interesting will be what happens when touch, scent etc. are added and we lose the bulky apparatus. You have to wonder if after millenia of attempts, prostitution might become redundant. Our ability to teach, remidiate or condition a whole variety of skills would be altered completely. The potential of this form of technology to alter the way in which we live our lives – for good or ill – is not limitless, but it’s not far from it.


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