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The rise of the FG gene pool independent… and other matters. May 9, 2016

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Looking at the Irish Times diagram of the new Ministers and reading about how two of the Independent Ministers are former FG (though granted Shane Ross is very very former FG) it did strike me that it was a happy historical coincidence for Enda Kenny that he set about forming an FG led minority government with independent support at a time when the numbers of ex-FG members as Independent TDs has never been higher. And better still these ex-FG members were taking positions of prominence amongst alliances of TDs. Denis Naughten is one of the most clever and astute contemporary politicians and in truth would be a good fit in any centre right party. No great surprise there. But as a former FG TD now with three or four TDs loosely allied around him he offered … Three or four TDs with their votes!

Likewise with Ross who has his flock, however diffuse. And managed to lead them into government. Of course there are those like ‘Boxer’ Moran who come from an FF gene pool back ground, and for some it was too much. Mattie McGrath was always an unlikely figure to join with the rest in supporting Fine Gael. But here’s the thing. He wasn’t needed. And nor were the Healy-Rae’s.

But the fact that there are FG gene pool independents, and by the way none of which come from the RENUA camp (ponder whether had Creighton been returned to the Dáil Kenny would have found it easier or more difficult to deal with her than say Naughten or Ross), is telling in itself. It’s a function of a centrifugal force on the larger political parties, not just FF, but also FG. Indeed it’s testament to a broader dynamic. How many former Labour TDs remain in the Dáil and note of those that do their different paths away from that party.

As interesting are those who abstained on the Taoiseach vote. And what of the future? More on that later in the week.


1. Bean, Kevin - May 9, 2016

Could you please post this leaflet on your website?
Fraternally ,
Kevin Bean


2. Gerryboy - May 9, 2016

The term ‘gene pool’ is most apt. Many individual TDs who come from the FG & FF gene pool are basically centrist in economic tendency, and mainstream conservative regarding issues like abortion, sexual liberalism and schooling arrangements. Id Est: They think and feel like up to 70 per cent of the general population and won’t be in a hurry to take legislative action on such issues anytime soon. As gene pool backbenchers they are carriers of localist and cutehoor, nod-and-wink votecatching traits in the DNA of the gene pool. In the multiseat constituency system gene pool traits thrive as TDs representing the same constituency act up to the fluttering emotions and social desires of voters who have been weaned on clientalist, parochial and provincial political culture since the end of the civil war. This culture is found widely around Dublin too. Bio-political geneticists should study the gene pool and distribute print-outs so we can be aware of chromosomes, biodynamic movements and hybrid tendencies. Some day in the future a radical bio-political engineering concept may be discovered which will enable new energies to be released. They did something similar with atomic theory, when they split the atom and created nuclear fission leading to almighty chain reaction. Gene pool fusion could lead to a Frankenstein mutation. We can’t anticipate all future side effects.


3. Bean, Kevin - June 1, 2016

Please find attached a poster advertising a meeting that might interest you. Best wishes, Kevin


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