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WP publishes costed proposal for cross-subsidised public housing… May 10, 2016

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Fr. Peter McVerry welcomes ‘Solidarity Housing’ as important contribution to thinking on housing

‘Solidarity Housing’ model would expand public housing provision at reduced cost to State

Proposals form viable state-led alternative to Housing Land Initiative

The Workers’ Party today (Monday May 9th) published Solidarity Housing: Getting the vultures out of Irish Housing, a costed proposal for multi-income public housing which is intended to address three issues: the current high costs to the state of public housing provision; the high costs of market rents which are placing an unsustainable burden on many households; and the social segregation and marginalisation which characterise many public housing developments.

Speakers at today’s press conference included housing campaigner Fr Peter McVerry and lone parents advocate Louise Bayliss (S.P.A.R.K. / Single Parents Acting for the Rights of their Kids), as well as Workers’ Party representatives Cllr. Eilis Ryan (Dublin Central) and Jimmy Dignam (Dublin Northwest).

More here…

As well as this:


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1. Enzo - May 10, 2016

Good to see WP getting some positive coverage. Very interesting proposal as well.


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