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As other see the Irish Labour Party May 12, 2016

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Useful overview of the Scottish Assembly results on the Guardian podcast last week. But during a discussion of Scottish Labour’s woes, where it has to be said they did not have a good election, mention was made of a party closer to home…

And what does it [SLP] become? Does it become like the Irish Labour Party a sort of add on thing that is there some of the time or..?

To which the answer came… ‘That’s an interesting, that’s a really interesting question…’.


Indeed it is…


1. benmadigan - May 12, 2016

the scottish branch of the british labour party has a choice to make – remain part of the BLP or support the independence movement and start a new Scottish LP.

Whatever it does, few votes will be flowing its way in the immediate future


2. dublinstreams - May 12, 2016

minority government, the horror


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