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Words of comfort and reassurance for the precariat? May 12, 2016

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Well, we won’t be hearing them from IBEC according to this report on RTÉ:

In a speech to be delivered to Ibec’s annual employment law conference in Dublin today, the group’s Director of Industrial Relations and Human Resources, Maeve McElwee, will say it would be unhelpful to Irish business to introduce new draconian employment laws when robust remedies already exist to deal with employers whose behaviour falls short of the standard required.



[addresssing] the ongoing debate about zero hours contracts and precarious work, saying there is significant demand for such flexible arrangements from employees.

She says Ibec was not suggesting that there were no issues to be addressed around how working hours were arranged but warned that a “one size fits all” set of rules could have unforeseen consequences, not least for employees themselves.

Meanwhile, in other news, as they say:

Taoiseach Enda Kenny believes Minister of State with special responsibilty for disability issues Finian McGrath should pay his water charges, a Government spokesman has said.

This just runs and runs… it will be educative to see what the Minister of State does, won’t it?

And what of this warning? 

On the make-up of Enda Kenny’s new cabinet, Siptu president Jack O’Connor said: “It’s fair to say, and I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way …that the Cabinet is the most right-wing since the Cumann na nGaedheal government left office in 1932.

“I don’t know that there is much potential for common ground between the tradition that I represent and they represent but …all of us…have a responsibility to give the democratically elected government and the ministers … a fair wind.”

Common ground? Well interesting that. Sufficient that he has called as recently as this year for votes for the LP in order that that formation could go into government with Fine Gael in order to ‘moderate’ the latter’s rough right wing edges. And given that that has been the default mode of the LP across years – and was almost made a virtue of, particularly during the most recent administration, hard to entirely take seriously.




1. deiseach - May 12, 2016

Any chance anyone in the media will ask her to expand on ‘draconian’? Thought not.


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