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After water? May 13, 2016

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Colin Murphy argues in the SBP that there might be a referendum on water charges. He suggests that this would at least clarify matters and offer the electorate some choices on the matter.

These might be:

“free” domestic water paid for by general taxation; full charges; and a mixed model incorporating a substantial free allowance and charging thereafter

Of course reading between the lines one suspects he think it possible that a charge regime, perhaps the latter, might be won. I hope I do him no injustice by suggesting that that might be his preferred option too.

Truth is I can’t see much appetite to go to the people on this one. Too much danger perhaps of the ‘wrong’ answer being delivered. Indeed I’d think that was – given the debacle – near inevitable.

Yet, a further thought strikes. Water has – without question – been a mobilising force and not just on the left. It has reached right into the heart of government formation and pushed Fine Gael to an accommodation with FF on the issue that they could never have dreamed of. That this is entirely justified not simply from our left position, but in terms of the remarkable ineptitude with which it was handled from the off is almost neither here nor there.

But what now? What is the glue that is going to hold together that mobilisation if water is removed from the table – though given the noises from the government that isn’t going to be today or tomorrow? Any suggestions?


1. dublinstreams - May 13, 2016

there was a mobilisation that was together?


2. dublinstreams - May 14, 2016

it should be health, it could many things although things happen in that area by stealth, I suspect they may never be anything like it again as it involved physically accessing and working in most urban street in the country


3. Ivorthorne - May 15, 2016

A referendum would be very interesting. If the question brings up a debate about the merits of privatising, it would be interesting to see a FG government who are proposing privatising (temporarily) public hospitals explain why banning privatising Irish Water is important.


Jim Monaghan - May 15, 2016

Water is just one service. They can live without selling it. There is other stuff to sell.


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