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Kenny, safe as houses? May 13, 2016

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Michael McDowell seems to think so. Writing in the SBP this weekend he suggests that recent reports that Enda Kenny was ‘sitting in the political departure lounge’ may have been designed to ‘lull the party faithful and his rivals into acquiescence’ and that in fact his intentions are anything but to leave.

Kenny has negotiated a three-year lifetime for the new government. Of course he would ‘rather go than be pushed’. But that only applies if there is anyone with the standing to ‘push’ him in the first place.

And McDowell ‘doesn’t see Brutus or Cassius lurking in the shadows’. Indeed he suggests that for Kenny the next real contest would be 2019 and the European and local elections.

Well, could be. Of course FF might pull the plug, though truth is I wonder if they’ll want to do it short of a budget or two in order to allow for a recharging of the political batteries (and of course with one eye on the polls).

But it is true that Kenny has seen off a lot of his rivals. Noonan is now simply out of the game. Bruton the lesser has been moved sideways. The young turks are being replaced by the younger turks and they owe too much to Kenny at this point to turn on him. So McDowell may have a point.

Think about it – three more years of McDowell. Amazing isn’t it?

In some ways I’m fascinated by his managing to fashion something out of what appeared to be near enough nothing. Some have said they thought from the off there would be no rapid second 2016 election, but I’ve got to admit from talking to some who saw things reasonably close at hand that wasn’t a sentiment shared by a wide range of people there. Of course whether the underlying dynamics were always tending to some lash-up is a different matter. Perhaps they were – we have got a government, after all.

Just on the Independents who adorn the new administration McDowell seems to think they won’t profit.

Now we have had our ‘Independents Day’ experience, the constant search for political novel will make it quite hard for independent TDs to hold heir seats in three years time.

What do others think? Is that a plausible analysis or could it be that for those involved whether pro and anti the government they fulfil the wishes of their voters sufficiently well to mostly retain their seats. Surely one thing is that never again can a vote for an Independent can be dismissed as a ‘wasted’ vote in the sense that they won’t get engaged at a Ministerial level.

One wonders just what has Kenny unleashed on Irish politics?


1. sonofstan - May 13, 2016

Or ‘oh my God, they haven’t killed Kenny’


2. irishelectionliterature - May 13, 2016

Shatter seems to be on a bit of a crusade and may have some support (certainly Brian Hayes seems to think Shatter is due an apology) . Interesting how it all plays out and if could be used as cover for a heave.


3. WorldbyStorm - May 13, 2016

Well the above was written before today’s latest poll. Perhaps the political cover I thought there was for Independents may have been, in the short term at least, somewhat less than expected. And tellingly it’s all the Independents who are getting it in the neck.


4. Alibaba - May 13, 2016

“Just on the Independents who adorn the new administration McDowell seems to think they won’t profit.”

Well, apart from ministerial status, merc and perks and pensions, the Endadependents will most likely get a lashing from their voters. It’s all downhill from here.


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