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Red C Paddy Power Poll May 13, 2016

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Another Opinion Poll
Red C Opinion Poll (v Election results)
FG 27 (-)
FF 25 (-)
SF 16 (+2)
Ind 9 (-4)
Labour 5 (-2)
Ind Alliance 3 (-2)
Soc Dem 4 (+1)
AAA/PBP 6 (+2)
Green 4 (+1)
Renua 1 (-1)
Others 1 (-)

So nobody seems to have suffered from not going into government or government talks despite the narrative being pushed by various parties.

We also learn that Leo Varadkar is most popular to Take over from Enda Kenny as FG leader.


1. PaddyM - May 13, 2016

So nobody seems to have suffered from not going into government or government talks despite the narrative being pushed by various parties.



WorldbyStorm - May 13, 2016

Bar the wider independent brand, 6 per cent in total and non IA independents the only movement above MOE at 4 per cent.


irishelectionliterature - May 13, 2016

True but you would have assumed that it would be the ‘responsible’ parties like FF, FG and Labour that would have gained from any drop in Independent support.

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WorldbyStorm - May 13, 2016

That’s a very good point. Doubt they’ll want an election just yet so – not if they’re going to be faced with more SF/AAA/SD/GP TDs across the benches….


PaddyM - May 13, 2016

Other independents are unchanged at 9. The drops are for IA and a rounding down for “Others” from 1 to 0.


2. Peter James - May 13, 2016

Varadkar is not “most popular”. The question asked was “who do you think will lead FG after Kenny” not same thing surely.

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3. gendjinn - May 13, 2016

Has anyone else noticed a bias in the first post-election polls where it seems mostly left parties get a bounce and right parties get a hit?

To the degree that there is a bias is it a function of elections and forming governments or is it a manifestation of voter manipulation/suppression?


paulculloty82 - May 13, 2016

Most of the media attention has been on FG, FF and Independents, so would seem to be movement of moderate left from Lab to Greens and Soc Dems, while Indo voters have drifted to AAA and SF in protest at their original choice entering Cabinet.


gendjinn - May 13, 2016

In addition the Right vote moved to FF/FG while some Left moved LAB/FF/FG to the others.

Thing is, why does it appear that left parties are the ones that benefit from the reality of coalition govt. Why can’t they make that point on election day and get the votes they seem to have 95% of the rest of the time?


4. Liberius - May 13, 2016


The Red C pack, more detail than last time, page 8 amusingly suggests that RENUA were at zero up until the supplemental question asked of the ‘indo’ voters. Also of interest is that FG get hammered by past recall and massively uplifted by the likelihood to vote filter; swings and roundabouts…

Page 22, I didn’t realise that 62% of the public were fucking nuts. Armed cops…


WorldbyStorm - May 13, 2016

+1. That question about arming them against ‘mob violence’, that was plucked out of someone’s ass.


WorldbyStorm - May 13, 2016

By the by as low as 62% (in terms of nuts)? We’d be lucky.


Liberius - May 13, 2016

Certainly could be worse given the acres of fear-mongering. That being said 50%+ is still very dangerous, all we need is a minority government full of law & order types with a need to latch onto something, anything that curries favour with the public.


makedoanmend - May 14, 2016

Never Happen. Oh,…wait a second…. 😦 …Yikes

But why do people think that arming a section of the community is beneficial to them specifically? I’m pretty sure many African Americans don’t see the benefits so much – even the more well to do and successful ones as identified by current neolibido ideology.


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