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That new Stone Roses single May 13, 2016

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...very nice it is too, even if, as noted elsewhere, there’s a hint of the far from lamented Seahorses about the energetic guitar riff (though one comment on the Guardian suggested it was like Bryan Adams fronting Rainbow – suggesting they weren’t all that well acquainted with the latters output). But it’s reined back in a bit which is good. Still, that aside, singles used to have A and B sides. Maybe even two tracks on the B side. This new things of single songs being released feels oddly limited. The same was evident with both recent Turbonegro (referenced here already) and Fields of the Nephilim tracks. And there are many more. How come techno and IDM bands and artists and groups are usually more generous?


1. gendjinn - May 14, 2016

“How come techno and IDM bands and artists and groups are usually more generous?”

Because fuck you, that’s why 😉

It’s got something of the Seahorses in there alright, something in the reduced tonal range and the lofi jangly guitars. But there’s a lot of Ian too. Sounded bit like Led Zep at the end there.

Don’t know, doesn’t seem as complex or layered as their other 2 albums. Maybe they had to make Squire happy on the first outing.


2. Clive Sullish - May 14, 2016

The new Shane Ross single:


3. Brian Hanley - May 14, 2016

Mani in happier times….


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