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This new government knows their class base… May 13, 2016

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From the IT this morning:

Tax changes promised in the Government programme for partnership will sharply cut or eliminate completely inheritance tax for thousands of people in the coming years.
Under the changes, once they are implemented, children inheriting the family home will not pay tax on the first €500,000 value of the estate, which should mean the majority of bequests will not prompt tax demands.

Just on the topic, Andy Beckett in the Guardian wrote about it back in 2007. Well worth a (depressing) read to see how attitudes have changed – still, interesting that the government hasn’t made a big issue about it.


1. dmoc - May 14, 2016

On a particularly odious PK on Newstalk this Friday was an opening segment with John Drennan’s sparkling ‘wit’, making mock of an AAA meeting. Two gents with no sense of humour who mistake themselves for comedic talents – it was squirmy stuff. Gruesome.

Later, on to Pat’s take on the estate tax, and how howwid pwoperty tax is, because you’ve already paid tax on it. Howwid, howwid!


2. gendjinn - May 14, 2016

Inheritance taxes were the deal we made to peacefully address the crimes of the nobility. In return we didn’t come for them 1789 style.

If they want to break their side of the deal, we should break ours.


3. Jim Monaghan - May 14, 2016

On an aside, are farms treated differently for tax purposes?


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