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Smokers corner May 15, 2016

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Funny that our new Minister of State for Health should be banging the drum for smokers. Or perhaps not quite so funny. But Finian McGrath, for it is he, has decided to call for ‘people to be more sympathetic to smokers’.

Mr McGrath, himself a smoker of many years, has repeated his personal view there should be designated areas for smokers in pubs and restaurants.
“We smokers have an addiction,’’ he said on Sunday. “Every day, I try to give them up or reduce the number I smoke and, so far, I have not succeeded.’’

Oddly though one’s sympathy for his struggle to beat his addiction might well be tempered somewhat by his comments in an SBP interview that brought this issue to the fore where he also said:

“… but I have to say that I do enjoy a pint and I do enjoy a cigarette, and I wish sometimes that people would get off my case. So that’s my position at the moment’.


1. Paddy Healy - May 15, 2016

Will FF Veto this also?


2. Jim Monaghan - May 15, 2016

“Funny that our new Minister of State for Health” Maybe Fitzmaurice as Minister for Conservation and a Healy-Rae as a Minister for combatting climate Change. Maybe we would be better off if the Troika ruled.


Paddy Healy - May 15, 2016

Did you not Know, Jim, that the Troika are still ruling through the Fiscal Treaty. But they have a number of Irish Performig leprechauns fronting the show with Enda as the King Of The Fairies.


3. RosencrantzisDead - May 15, 2016

How do people get on his case when he goes for drink?

I doubt it is because he is a smoker. More likely it is because he is a gombeen politician.


Alibaba - May 15, 2016

Pehaps you are right.


RosencrantzisDead - May 16, 2016

Just sayin’, Finian.


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