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Tracking Trump May 16, 2016

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This is entertaining to me, a tracker of US conservative pundits on Trump from Slate.com. Amazing how many are in the anti-Trump camp. It will be entertaining too to track their progress across the next few months.


1. CL - May 17, 2016

The neocons will probably never back Trump.

“Trump is an ignorant demagogue who traffics in racist and misogynistic slurs and crazy conspiracy theories…
The risk of Trump winning, however remote, represents the biggest national security threat that the United States faces today…
Trump… is too unstable and erratic to be entrusted with the nuclear triad he has never heard of…
Clinton would be far preferable to Trump.”-Max Boot.

In contrast the paleocons love Trump:

“As for the issues dividing Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan, Trump appears to have won the argument, if the debate is decided by voter preferences rather than Beltway preferences.

Trump’s denunciation of NAFTA and other “free-trade” deals Ryan supports is echoed by Sanders, who opposed those deals when they were up for a vote….
Ryan voted for the Iraq War that Trump calls a disaster”
-Pat Buchanan

The Republican Party has a nominee who is anti-neocon and anti-neoliberal. A certain amount of tension is inevitable.


“What began in party-wide denial is heading steadily towards acceptance. That is the nature of power.”


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