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Green days… May 17, 2016

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The Phoenix recently made a thought-provoking point.

Despite having failed to get Ryan into a TV debate, or to force climate change into election coverage, the GP managed to turn a 2.8% national share of vote into two seats…

It’s particularly striking when one notes that this is just a little way behind the Social Democrats and hardly more than 1% behind AAA-PBP (though worth mentioning that it’s only .7% ahead of RENUA).

I’ve noted before that in the two constituencies where the GP did gain seats these were ones where there was no strong left or SF presence. Did the GP therefore fulfil the role of a sort of middle-class/other dissent? SF transfers were key to Catherine Martin’s success in Dublin Rathdown.

They cannot, understandably, be looking forward to a second election any time soon, but absent that the opportunity to consolidate their current seats seems feasible. But beyond that what do people think? They’ve stood aside from government this time, which appears sensible. But is there a real chance for them as party that will retain seats or increase them?


1. irishelectionliterature - May 17, 2016

They only had two real chances of seats and threw people and resources there. For instance the Green candidate in Dublin South West Francis Duffy is married to Catherine Martin, he spent most of the campaign helping her rather than in Dub SW.
In both Dublin Rathdown and Dublin Bay South there were ex Labour voters up for grabs that would have been uncomfortable voting AAAPBP, SF , FF or FG. They were also far more transfer friendly than FF,FG, SF or Labour.
As for other places they could win seats , there aren’t really any at the minute. Louth, Waterford, Dun Laoghaire and Dublin Fingal would probably be the best chances next time but hard to see them get any of them.


sonofstan - May 17, 2016

yeah, the guy in DC basically did nothing – odd that Ciaran Cuffe is now a councillor there – and lives in the area – but didn’t run?


2. dublinstreams - May 17, 2016

hardly surprising for 35- year old party with candidates in all 40 constituencies versus barely a year and 14 candidates


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