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Green bins May 18, 2016

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Writing about the scrapping of mandatory green bin levies one will read under the headline:

Industry sources say avoiding move, due to come into force on July 1st, a ‘political sop’


Under moves signed into law by the then minister for environment Alan Kelly in January, all waste collectors were expected to move to a pay-by-weight systems instead of flat fees by July 1st.


Its abolition took the industry – and according to sources Mr Kelly – by surprise on Wednesday.


Industry sources linked the move to a “political sop” designed to address concerns among Fianna Fáil and Independent politicians about the switch to pay-by-weight charges.

Same sources?

Perhaps so because further in:


Mr Kelly refused to comment on the situation but a source close to him said the move to drop the green bin charge was “politically driven” and similar to debates over Irish Water, remarking that “it will cost more in the end to pretend this is free”.

By the way, if it were paid out of general taxation… but what’s the point in trying make that case to the current crop of ‘social democrats’ in the LP?


1. 1798Mike - May 18, 2016

Alan Kelly again – a mini gombeen version of Phil Hogan. First we had his shoe-box apartments initiative, which of course, suited the interests of sundry developers & speculators. Then we had his waste initiative, which of course, suited the interests and income stream of sundry waste disposal companies.
This guy is appalling. Beyond his own self interest and ambition, he does not appear to believe in anything that passes, even remotely, for anything vaguely social democratic. Like others, he could fit very comfortably into either Fine-Fail or Fianna-Gael. Take your pick.


WorldbyStorm - May 18, 2016

Yeah, he’s amazing, sort of the logical end product of where the contemporary LP has been going.


CMK - May 18, 2016

Tell’s you everything you need to know about SIPTU that they slavishly insist on retaining an exclusive link with a Labour Party that comfortably hosts someone like Kelly.


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