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SDLP follows UUP into ‘opposition’ May 19, 2016

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Interesting phrasing on RTÉ this evening in their report on the above:

The SDLP has announced it is quitting the power-sharing administration in Northern Ireland to form part of the newly established opposition.

The move by the SDLP comes a week after fellow architects of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, the Ulster Unionists, also opted to take their seats on the opposition benches.

But surely SF were also ‘fellow architects’ of the GFA/BA?

On the broader issue, sure, it seems to force SF and the DUP ‘together’ – which is presumably the intention of the UUP (and the SDLP to a lesser degree). But does that play quite the way they might expect?


1. roddy - May 19, 2016

As I said before ,the SDLP are only comparable to the 26 county Labour party in terms of superiority,arrogance and sense of entitlement.They appeared on northern news programmes tonight as a group and the arrogant stance of South Belfast “liberal” and neo Unionist Clare Hanna was something to behold. A few minutes ago I was talking to a woman (shades of Enda Kenny!) who lost a brother in a blatent case of collusion.She asked me “what about the SDLP now?”.I replied “fuck them” and she responded -“aye damn right!”. If this shower of castle catholics think this latest stunt willl halt their slide into oblivion,they are sadly mistaken.


2. The Broken Elbow - May 19, 2016

hasn’t even made the i. times front page, on the net. or is that because they are taking their evening snooze on the newsdesk? by the way roddy, how do you define a neo-unionist these days? or, put another way, just what is the difference between the shinners and the sdlp?


WorldbyStorm - May 20, 2016

Great point re lack of interest in much of Irish media, very telling.


3. benmadigan - May 19, 2016

SDLP+Alliance+UUP in opposition leaves the Executive of only DUP and SF. And the DUP has the upper hand, numerically speaking Check, if not checkmate, for SF in the Stormont Assembly



4. makedoanmend - May 20, 2016

DUP majority. SF checkmated?

Nothing to stop SF, nor the DUP for that matter, also going into opposition. Everyone can pile on that pile.

Re: SDLP. Didn’t they claims the TGFA was Sunningdale for slow learners? Regression? Alzeimers? Irony deficiency?


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