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Behold the future of the LP! May 20, 2016

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Kind of a lot like the present and the past.


1. irishelectionliterature - May 20, 2016

Very foolish, the last thing they needed to do was piss off the remaining Labour membership which this appears to have done.


2. Joe - May 20, 2016

Indo reporting that Kelly is ‘considering his position’ in the Party. And that some members are angry. Read something about some people threatening to join the SDs too. Now that’s angry :(.


CMK - May 20, 2016

The really funny bit of Indo report was the claim that the ‘4000’ members of Labour were excluded from the vote! 4000! Doesn’t sound right.

Anyway, a good day for the Irish working class. Howlin is just as toxic as Kelly.

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Jolly Red Giant - May 20, 2016

Dick Spring had 2000 members in Tralee LP in the 1980s – all of them over 65 and the membership fee was £2.


paulculloty82 - May 20, 2016

The new Michael O’Leary, one suspects!


3. irishelectionliterature - May 20, 2016

woeful, wonder what else Kelly said in the text!


4. Paddy Healy - May 20, 2016

If Kelly Defects, He Will Not Be The First North Tipp Labour TD to do So. Kelly would be at home in FG, FF or Lab. Depends what suits his future career
Daniel Morrissey (died 1981) was an Irish politician who served in Dáil Éireann for thirty-five years.[1]

He was a native of Nenagh, County Tipperary. He was first elected to the 3rd Dáil at the 1922 general election as a Labour Party Teachta Dála (TD) for Tipperary Mid, North and South.[2] He was elected at the 1932 general election as an independent, but joined Cumann na nGaedheal the following year.

In the First Inter-Party Government, he was appointed to the cabinet under John A. Costello in 1948 as Minister for Industry and Commerce. In 1954, he declined accepting a cabinet position in the Second Inter-Party Government due to his age.

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oconnorlysaght - May 20, 2016

Paddy might have mentioned that the reason Dan Morrissey left the Labour Party was because he supported Cuman na nGael’s manufactured red scare and the draconian legislation that went with it.
He went right. However, from Kelly’s recent denunciation of the Fianna Gael position on water from a marginalist economic position, I suspect he might decide that the two parties concerned are too far to the left for him. Perhaps he might try to breath life into the corpse of Renua?


JC - May 20, 2016

And of course Paddy knows that South TIpp had Clonmel’s own Sean Treacy, who left the party because he disagreed with its policy on contraception. My memory is that he couldn’t bring himself to even use the word “condom”.


5. roddy - May 20, 2016

“due to his age”?.I know a man who has lead a party for 35 years and has at least another 25 to go!

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6. paulculloty82 - May 20, 2016

Howlin wants Shortall and Broughan to join him in a “progressive party” – don’t think he needs to worry about missed calls!



WorldbyStorm - May 20, 2016

Wow, what does he think would be in it for them? Nothing at all. Broughan seems visibly more at ease as an Independent/I4Cer and Shortall is happy with the SocDems…


7. sonofstan - May 20, 2016

Being reported that Jan O’Sullivan told the local party in Limerick that she couldn’t second AK because if there was to be a contest, Howlin would withdraw, meaning …..no contest. You don’t have to have any time for Kelly, or Labour,to think that stinks


Liberius - May 20, 2016

Mr Howlin said he was immensely proud and deeply humbled to become party leader and was confident the party could rebuild.

Humbling, to be elevated by into leadership, and by conspiracy no less? Definitely stinks, however their olfactory senses don’t seem to be able to pick it up.



8. Paddy Healy - May 20, 2016

There is a danger that the jokes and justified cynicism may hide the horror of what has actually happened
Howlin has proposed two FEMPI BILLS to the Dáil
The essence of these Bills, now ACTS, is that penalties can be imposed on trade unionists who refuse to “sign up” to industrial relations agreements which they initially rejected and now continue to reject. ASTI, GRA and AGSI are not a party to any national industrial relations agreement after July 1,2016 when Haddinton Rd expires.
In the current industrial relations situation, Howlins FEMPI ACTs are being used by current government to threaten to impose penalties on members whose unions (above) refuse to implement industrial relations agreements TO WHICH THEY ARE NOT A PARTY and which their employer, the state, wishes to impose without agreement.
(ICTU cannot negotiate a valid industrial relations agreement as it is not a trade union in law. As a convening centre it can merely make recommendations to member unions to conclude agreements in a Framework it favours))
These threats and the legislation on which they are based smack of Mussolini’s cororate state approach. Unfortunately the Executive Council of ICTU is colluding with this attack on free trade unionism.
Of course, Mussolini was a former social democrat
Read More http://wp.me/pKzXa-gw


9. paulculloty82 - May 20, 2016
WorldbyStorm - May 20, 2016



10. dmoc - May 20, 2016

IT did a real (and probably deserved) hatchet job on AK. Sounds like he has the temperament of Gordon Brown, without the intellect.


And this (won’t someone think of the leafy suburbs? Labour wants its middle class back!)

QUOTE: “He’s the opposite of what we need to win back voters in the leafy suburbs – which is where we’ll win them back first. He’s a Fianna Fáiler who is in the party through accident of birth.”


WorldbyStorm - May 21, 2016

Heheh, the FF jibe is fantastic. It’s like a) that’s the worst one could say of him b) it’s essentialist c) it’s not that the LP has shifted far enough to the right (not that far really) that it is now indistinguishable from FF, it’s that he’s a cuckoo in the nest.

And +1 re the ‘leafy suburbs’ and ‘we want our middle class back’.


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