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Golf…the last bastion May 20, 2016

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Amazing decision by Muirfield Golf Club in Scotland not to admit women members.
The Guardian had apiece on it which reported ….

Revealing the depth of hostility felt by some Muirfield traditionalists towards the admission of women, it emerged that a group of about 30 members had written anonymously to fellow golfers before a ballot, urging them to reject the change.

The letter argued that “a traditional resistance to change is one of the foundations of our unique position in golf and our reputation”, and stated that “the introduction of lady members is bound to create difficulties”, suggesting that women’s presence would “endanger foursomes and speedy play”.

It went on: “Our special nature – ‘a gentleman’s club where golf is played’ – is quite unique with its fraternity built inter alia on foursomes play with a round taking only the same time as lunch and leaving enough time for a further round after lunch (even in mid-winter).”

It has been punished by the R and A by the fact that Muirfield will no longer be considered to host the open and yet …….

Royal Troon, which will host this year’s Open in July, is the only other male-only Scottish club on the tournament’s rota, and it is undertaking a review of its own membership policy. Royal Troon shares its facilities with Troon Ladies, and will host the Open jointly with the women’s club.

Many moons ago in a previous job it was decided for various reasons for Tuesday Lunchtime be women only in the gym….. It didn’t bother me as I had never darkened it’s door but a number of people felt excluded. One gent went to HR asking for a ‘Whites Only’ day and the policy of The Tuesday was instantly dropped.


1. makedoanmend - May 20, 2016

Golf: the ruination of a good walk – but horses for courses.

There is a meme going around these days that you cannot always get what you want. Fair enough. Compromise is a virtue.

However, there are some things that are non-negotiable.

A scientist must live with people who practice religion. No big deal. A scientist however does not have to allow their children to be taught the mythos about deity based creationism in any school system. A compromise can be reached quite readily.

If society says that scientists must reign in their horns on creating genetically modified organisms, then it behoves scientists to argue their case. The precautionary principle should be in operation anyway. There is a material basis that affects everyone and us Homo sapiens are not as clever as we like to think.

If society says that women scientists should be treated differently from male scientist – No way – Non-negiotiable. There is no basis of compromise because their is no basis for exclusion or treating a women differently in this or any such context. A vagina is not a disadvantage, hinderance or upsetting to anyone practicing science.

Too often, in neo-libido economics, the idea of compromise has morphed into the idea that those with capital, hence power, want you to compromise. They don’t have to. The meme of compromise is running off the rails.

How sad can you be that you don’t want a woman playing golf with you because she’s a woman? Good enough for sex but not good enough to play golf with you and your buddies? What’s up with that? Why? No bullshit whys? Just why? If you want to hang out with the guys, there’s nothing stopping you, but to institutionalise it?

This is not a conservative versus liberal dichotomy. This is how we view ourselves and our place in society and in the universe at large. It’s too big for simple binaries. This thinking and function affects everyone and impinges on everyone.

rant ended, mea culpa

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