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The Establishment… May 20, 2016

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Really interesting BBC3 Analysis programme – complete with a quote from Lenin – which in part covered the Jeremy Thorpe scandal. I only very vaguely remember it, and many useful points were made – not least the attitude of the establishment to homosexuality which in the late 19. The discussion included Mary Beard and Labour MP Chris Bryant. Talking about the nature of the establishment in the UK there was the following exchange…

Do you think the establishment is a useful term still?

Definitely, in relation to Hillsborough particularly, the relationship between senior police figures and the press and for that matter in relation to phone hacking in the News of the World too….there’s a

And later…

…the term supposes that there is a coterie of people at the centre of power who are to some degree untouchable…

to which Bryant responded…

…there is, there absolutely is, Rebekka Brooks, Jeremy Clarkson, David Cameron.

Nobody in the Labour Party?

Okay, you can bung in Tony Blair, but that makes the point even more, the establishment is phenomenally powerful.

How does it recognise one another…

Because they go to parties together, they’re each others children godparents.

The point was made that the class aspect has changed a little, but I think in terms of power relationships it’s just about right.


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