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Any reports on Preacher? May 21, 2016

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Always been a fan, and as I think I mentioned a few years back my friend Joe loaned me the whole set which I read again across a Summer. I asked the question here a few years back… would they ever make a TV series. And the answer then was yes, they would

And it arrives…!

Any sense as to how good it is?


1. Joe Mooney - May 21, 2016

Tulip doesn’t look right ,my only solid opinion so far … will update when I actually see it ! Looks like neither Saint of Killers nor John Wayne feature either which would be a pity .


2. gendjinn - May 21, 2016

Fingers feckin’ crossed that’s for sure! Will find out tomorrow night.


3. CL - May 21, 2016

“It’s a blasphemous blood bath, a metaphysical action caper, stylized and splattery, that doesn’t have great depth but makes up for it with volume….
The series’ dark comedy and connoisseur’s eye recall the Coen brothers; so do the often-cartoony Southern characters….
As “Paradise Lost” taught us, in any story of heaven and hell, the damned are more interesting….
“Preacher,”… packs apocalypse, horror, religion, dirty realism and dime-store westerns into its glass jar, then sets the whole bloody mixture on purée.”-NYT, review, May 20.


4. ivorthorne - May 22, 2016

I haven’t seen it yet but the Cassidy accent I heard in the trailer was terrible!


5. gendjinn - May 23, 2016

Have to see how the rest of the season shakes out. Not terrible but maybe not great either. Tulip seems well cast but Jesse & Cassidy are a bit iffy, at least in the pilot. Some flashes of promise though. Camera work, sets, shots are about average. Similar strengths and weaknesses as The Strain or Firefly. I don’t know if the reshot the pilot for the premiere, so hopefully we’ll see some of these rough edges improved in ep2.

Now Penny Dreadful OTOH is just pitch perfect and Jessica Jones blows Preacher away.


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