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Storm in a teacup May 22, 2016

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Got to be honest, I was a bit dubious about the reports in the Sunday Independent that the government was close to collapse with Independent Dr. Michael Harty of Clare supposedly:

…dramatically [pulling] his support from the Fine Gael-led minority Government after he was overlooked by Mr Kenny when he was appointing junior ministers.

And the quotes in the article didn’t seem to go quite the distance that the Independent was suggesting.

And lo and behold, Deputy Harty himself appears to dismiss the report:

Clare Independent TD Dr Michael Harty has said he does not intend to vote against the Government in key votes, such as Budgets or confidence motions.

Dr Harty said media reports that he has “withdrawn” support from the Government do not reflect his position.

Of course it may suggest that there’s a perception problem and that the media will play that up for all its worth, but that is a given in this context.


1. dublinstreams - May 22, 2016

oh but does it not herald a Sinn Fein-FG government.?

how can an Independent be in government if he is not a minister? he nneer was so he never pulled support


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