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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week May 22, 2016

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

Eoghan Harris is in great form this week.

That is why the Labour parliamentary party’s failure to provide a seconder for Alan Kelly is beyond belief. Because Kelly was the only leader who might have lifted that party’s morale.

Far from facing the fact that Labour needed a fighting alpha male like Kelly, the party leadership preferred cagey and cautious characters like Howlin and Sherlock.

In fact, it so disliked Kelly’s combative style that it brazenly disenfranchised its own rank and file membership, which was looking for someone a lot harder than Howlin.

Why the antipathy against Kelly’s honest passion for power? Surprisingly, Patrick Pearse rather than James Connolly can supply an answer.

Pearse sardonically remarked that the greatest fear of the Irish bourgeoisie was to be seen going down Grafton Street with a brown paper parcel.

Alan Kelly is Labour’s brown paper parcel. He is not politically correct, not loved by the cosmopolitian media, not in thrall to the liberal agenda, and comes from a humble background.

But Spartacus Kelly was just what the rank and file of the party needed to restore its fighting spirit.

Surely he means SpartAK47us?


1. WorldbyStorm - May 22, 2016

It’s surely only a matter of time until we hear EH regaling us with stuff about the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism.


2. fergal - May 22, 2016

Harris has just provided a great example of how politics is done here. Politics has been completely depoliticised. Actually, it has nothing to do with politics. It’s all about appearance, personality, affability etc. No wonder people get fed up with it- it’s a talent show without little talent.
When a politician has policies and wants to discuss them they’re vilified- witness Corbyn across the water and Varoufakis in Greece.
And sections of the left play into this by doing identity politics and nothing much else, Labour here for example. So, along with appearance, personality, a person’s religion, skin colour or sexual orientation gets thrown into the mix…meanwhile https://www.oxfam.org/en/pressroom/pressreleases/2016-01-18/62-people-own-same-half-world-reveals-oxfam-davos-report

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3. fergal - May 22, 2016

with little talent!


4. CL - May 22, 2016

Looks like Harris wants to put that AK47 back into Irish politics.

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5. lamentreat - May 22, 2016

Fighting alpha male! Maybe in EH’s mind, and AK’s own. To everyone else on the planet, the guy is so transparently a narcissistic whackjob with an emotional age of 14.


6. roddy - May 22, 2016

To quote De Chastelin,Kelly has been “put beyond use”!


7. Pasionario - May 23, 2016

Ah yes an “alpha male”. Just what Labour needs to put a bit of lead in its pencil, eh? Whereas that Howlin, well, he must be a bit of a beta, eh — know what I mean? More of a Socrates than a Spartacus, from what I hear, he he he.

Subtle stuff from Harris as usual.


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