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Water wars… May 24, 2016

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The political conflict around water continues. That FF is waxing and waning on the issue isn’t unimportant.

But this is also useful, one suspects, for the government in forcing its new and potentially more recalcitrant members into line on the matter. For examples, consider John Halligan’s plight:

Independent Minister of State John Halligan will vote with the Government in a Dáil debate calling for the abolition of water charges this week, after initially indicating he would support a Sinn Féin motion on the issue.

So there was a chat:

The Waterford TD clarified his position after speaking to Simon Coveney, the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government, who also has responsibility for water charges and Irish Water.
It is understood that Mr Coveney and Mr Halligan, who is the Minister of State for Training and Skills, discussed a counter-motion to be tabled by the Government.

And all is changed:

Mr Halligan’s initial statement that he could back the Sinn Féin motion on abolishing Irish Water and water charges came before he had read the actual motion. Voting against the Government would in effect have meant he would lose his ministerial job.

And so no one will be half in and out of the government. Not if FG can help it.


1. dublinstreams - May 24, 2016

this is what Halligan said, he did indeed say he could vote for the opposition motion http://www.todayfm.com/mobile/index.php?id=29565


2. dublinstreams - May 24, 2016

PfPG “Ministers and Junior Ministers will have formal participation in Cabinet and Cabinet Committees which carry obligations of confidentiality and collegiate decision-making, and being collectively bound by the Cabinet decision” “This means that Cabinet decisions, for example, in the response to Private Members’ Motions and on Government Memoranda, will be collectively decided and bind all office holders.” http://www.merrionstreet.ie/MerrionStreet/en/ImageLibrary/Programme_for_Partnership_Government.pdf does this allow for the possibilty I guess you could read that to say the government could allow ministers to vote any way they want on motion if they agreed that was what they’d would do, but its unlikely


WorldbyStorm - May 24, 2016

Yeah, highly unlikely.


3. dublinstreams - May 25, 2016

John Halligan on the Sinn Fein’s Irish water Dail motion https://www.facebook.com/johnhalliganwaterford/posts/1147981228599242 private members bill = opposition motion = doesn’t change anything… “SF happily work side-by-side with the European equivalent of the Westboro Baptist Church in the name of providing stable government in the north, but at the same time criticise me for my attempts to provide stable government in the south.” h/t Fiach Kelly who also pointed out the motions part of the PfPG above,


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