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Feud: Not quite cause and effect… May 26, 2016

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…but reading about the eruption of gang on gang violence but it is difficult not to agree with this from the IT:

Anna Quigley of the Inner City Organisation Network hopes authorities will recognise this feud is different.
“This is a local family and it seems there is a plan to wipe them out. People are really frightened,” she said.
“We need not only increased policing, but we need recognition that at the root of this is the drug trade and at the root of that is 30 years of neglect.”
She cited cuts of up to 40 and 50 per cent since 2008 to community development projects, youth services as well as deep cuts to lone parent supports.
“All of this is causing and exacerbating the devastation of the drugs crisis. We need an economic plan for the area as well as a policing plan.”

Again, it’s not simple cause and effect, nor are all community development projects beyond critique, particularly by the communities they are in, but it seems reasonable to suggest there would be some effect. What is also striking is how the state itself has problems in relation containing this violence (and that despite the increasingly surveilled society that now is extant). And this selection of views from ex-Gardai and a serving officer suggest that simplistic rhetoric about what can or should be done breaks down in the face of the complexity of the problem. But close surveillance is perhaps the one common approach all recommend.

Certainly a police presence is now much more noticeable during the day.


1. Ghandi - May 26, 2016

This is narco terrorism in action, decoding the quote above it actually means give us more money to run more dubious ineffectual projects to employ our mates at high salaries and we will solve it, this whole operation is about taking over the whole crime network in Ireland and poses a far greter threat to this State than all of the previous paramilitary groups put together. This project is vastly under estimated by the State.

The usual vested interests will call for more cops on the streets and more funding for themselves.


2. Ghandi - May 26, 2016

Most of the players in these community groups are in situte for over 30 years and the problem has got worse, the poverty industry must be sustained.


3. dublinstreams - May 26, 2016

‘local family’ is the only descriptions she gives?


4. malachysteenson - May 30, 2016

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