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Moonbase 3 May 28, 2016

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Speaking of the Moon. I got this for next to nothing second hand recently. Moonbase 3, from the BBC in the early 1970s. it’s talky, slow moving, but entertaining in its own way. The effects are just about okay. Some are a bit better than others but clearly on a very low budget (though arguably not as low a budget as seen in Quatermass 79 for the space footage).

There are some curious aspects, a Moonbase with Earth normal gravity which is never explained. Hard to believe that the women on the base would be in such secondary roles. And there’s a curious over-emphasis on the psychology of their situation, which is particularly odd given that isolated research labs aren’t unknown on this planet.

But the international flavour of the crew on Moonbase 3, which is a joint European moon base, is played well.

Only six episodes were made, I’ve got through three of them. I actually remember seeing at least four the first time around. It made a big impression on me and I liked the general realism of the approach – albeit rooted in its time.

I’m not surprised it didn’t return for a second series. It was pretty serious, overly so, though with some flashes of humour. But it’s oddly likeable.

Special mention should be made of the theme music which was by Dudley Simpson and sorts of hints at his later work on the Tomorrow People.


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