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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week: DIY May 29, 2016

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Can’t do this this week so over to you. Here’s a suggested starting point, calling for internment amongst other things

Guess who


1. WorldbyStorm - May 29, 2016

Wow. Even by his standards, that’s some column by his nibs.


EWI - May 29, 2016

“In both cases, Mr Harris said there had been a cover-up: ‘IRA apologists, supported by some academics, created a moral fog around the Bandon Valley murders to protect the myth of a non-sectarian old IRA.'”‘

I suspect that Harris would be straight in to the Four Courts in the morning, if others treated him in the same vein when it comes to the making of entirely unfounded allegations.

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2. WorldbyStorm - May 29, 2016


A private school on Dublin’s southside attended by children related to the extended Hutch family is getting security advice from An Garda Siochana, in an alarming development that shows how the murderous feud is escalating from the confines of gangland to the heart of civil society.



sonofstan - May 29, 2016



WorldbyStorm - May 29, 2016

Yeah, sickening the raft of assumptions behind it (not least that presumably working class areas like ours aren’t part of civil society and don’t count).


WorldbyStorm - May 29, 2016

By the way that was literally on the front page of the Sunday Independent today, caught sight of it in passing when getting the actual papers.


3. gendjinn - May 29, 2016

Obviously a Swiftian level of satire that has gone right over your heads. It’s been obvious for quite some time that Harris is engaged in performance art – how ludicrous can he go while still being taken at face value AND keeping a paying gig.


That or he’s back on the methylated spirits.


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