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Godwin’s Law and Trump May 30, 2016

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Listening Peter Sagal, the host of NPR’s ‘Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me’ on Slate’s Trumpcast podcast he made the point, half-jokingly, that in the context of Trump Godwin’s Law had been suspended. There’s something in that.

Of course, as noted here already, Trump isn’t programatically a fascist. But…

Speaking of which, I’m fast coming to the conclusion that Jamelle Bouie is one of the most interesting political observers around in regard to US politics. And on another Trumpcast he made a fantastic point. Discussing how the Republican nomination process was different to the national one he suggested that if a demagogue attempted to use racist tropes in the context of a Democratic primary s/he wouldn’t succeed because there’d be push back within that party due to – what, 40 per cent of its support being from African-Americans and Hispanic Americans. Whereas in the structurally hollowed out Republican Party there simply was, and this is very striking, no push back at all against the rhetoric Trump used during the campaign. Think about all those passive ‘moderate’ Republicans who sat on their hands, seemingly overawed by the fact he was saying what he was saying who refused to engage with it.

His further point was that it was one thing for Trump in that contest, but in the context of a national contest he has to face those the very groups who he was willing to berate, heckle and insult, whether directly or indirectly. It’s a whole different game. It’s not that Bouie says there’s no path for victory for him, it’s just about conceivable in the context, as the podcast suggested, of exogenous shocks, but it’s not really feasible. Here’s hoping.


1. gendjinn - June 1, 2016

Trump is plainly saying, stripping away all metaphors and dog whistles, what the GOP have been saying since Nixon started the Southern Strategy.

Even before Trump announced his candidacy for the prez last year the GOP had gotten to the point that anyone telling me they were a Republican was clearly telling me that they are a dyed in the wool racist.

The last 8 years have purged all but racists and their allies from the GOP. Any that were “moderate Republicans” (which means voting Reagan & Bush BTW so “moderate” is a loose term) became indies.


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