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Unintended consequence of Brexit for the Tories. May 31, 2016

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Reading this the thought came to me that the Remain crew could use the slogan Vote Leave for Prime Minister Johnson. I’m almost astounded that it has come to this, that such a relatively thin political figure may be propelled to both the leadership of the Tory party and the PM position if a Brexit occurs.


1. sonofstan - May 31, 2016

He’s the definitive shibboleth – no one who is not a particular kind of English person can see the attraction, but for his constituency, and I’ve met some of them, he’s Boris Healy-Rae.


WorldbyStorm - May 31, 2016

That’s a very interesting take on him.


sonofstan - May 31, 2016

He also does the ‘I’m not a politician like all them’uns’ act quite well. Our Boris, telling them what’s what…. It’s a good trick, somethingTrump can pull off as well.

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2. benmadigan - May 31, 2016

for what it’s worth – Leave are currently topping the polls http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/elections/2016/05/britain-about-leave-european-union


WorldbyStorm - May 31, 2016

Certainly today’s ICM polls for the Guardian. This is going to be very very close I think.

Thought this was good too…



Gewerkschaftler - June 1, 2016

Good piece by Gary Younge once more.

He sums up more or less my position if I had a vote, thusly:

In the absence of a broader challenge to the neoliberal order, simply voting yes or no is tantamount to choosing a ditch to die in. I choose the ditch that offers free movement of people, limited labour protections and a court of human rights, and will vote remain. I make no great claims for that ditch…

Here in Germany only die Linke and the broader left have a chance of turning the AfD voters anti-establishment feelings into an anti- (EU)State-as-facilitator-of-neoliberal-capitalism position.

But the MSM systematically denies us the chance to air the arguments. Luckily among younger people the MSM is increasingly less important.

There is currently a debate on how die Linke should engage in the anti-AfD mobilisation. If one allies with the parties in a of the extreme centre in a broader front one looses the anti-establishment appeal that could win people from AfD to a more class-based position.


FergusD - June 1, 2016

That’s it, choosing the ditch to die in. My instinct now, as 40 years ago, is abstain but maybe I will give in and vote remain as the thought of Farage, Johnson, Kate Hooey wining is just unbearable. Dunno. Sadly no supportable left position out there. SP and SWP rubbish on this


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