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Astonished, astonished I tell you! June 2, 2016

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One would have to have a heart of stone not to feel for RENUA and their plight… hey, no, hold on a second, that’s not true. Surely, if anything, their very public but entirely peripheral disintegration at the election and the events leading up to it is one of the most entertaining aspects of the political environment. If one can even argue that such a marginal force is part of that political environment in any meaningful way.

For fresh on the heels of the news that RENUA is now rebranding as Rena-the Liberal Democrats (never a good sign when something that was meant to be all shiny and new hardly a year ago is now being rebranded, but thems the breaks), there is this from the SBP:

The name change is part of an effort by the party to rid itself of the image of being too conservative, according to RENUA councillor [one of five across the state], John Leahy. “It’s not really a knee jerk reaction to the general election. it’s more our views.” he said.

And continues:

We were astonished at the fact we were portrayed as right wing and conservative.

Though the way that line of thought continues isn’t necessarily quite the message he might mean to convey (and by the by, if they’re not right-wing and conservative, well, what are they and how do they differ from others?):

There’s not too many in the party that fit that description. We’re trying to bring Renua more in line with what we are.

And how’s this for the unkindest cut:

A senior Renua source said the loss of three TDs, Creighton, former deputy leader Billy Timmins and Terence Flanagan – who were all formerly in FG and pro-life – would make it easier of the party to ‘breath and develop the way it should develop’.


1. Aonrud ⚘ - June 2, 2016

“We were astonished at the fact we were portrayed as right wing and conservative.”

It’s curious how some seem to treat left and right as identity labels that can be adopted without reference to your actual political beliefs. If you want a flat tax and a USA-style ‘three strikes’ law, then you are “right wing and conservative”, regardless of your denials. Loose and contested as left and right are, they do have some definitional boundaries.

Best of luck to them anyway, of course…


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