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June issue of An Phoblacht out now… June 2, 2016

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  • New Sinn Féin ministers at Stormont take on Economy and Health
  • Martin McGuinness on being at the Somme commemorations
  • Martin Kenny TD exposes Garda scandal in Leitrim
  • Micheál Martin’s U-turn means water charges remain
  • ‘Níl aon Tinteán’ – Rabharta athsealbhaithe ar thithe teaghlaigh ins na cúirteanna
  • Housing campaigner Erica Fleming: ‘I am not going away’
  • John Rogers and Eoin Ó Murchú on the the housing crisis
  • Bígí chiúin, a Ghaelgeoirí
  • Tom Kelly – The Sinn Féin Dublin Mayor that wasn’t
  • Derry ex-POWs reflect on prison struggle in new book
  • Support Gaza kids’ soccer tour of Ireland



1. Paddy Healy - June 2, 2016

The Banner headline in An Phoblacht is misleading. It suggests that SF have take the Ministries of “ECONOMY and HEALTH”
As can be seen here http://aims.niassembly.gov.uk/mlas/ministers.aspx
Máirtín O Muilleoir (SF) is Minister for FINANCE
Mr Simon Hamilton(DUP) is Minister in “Department for the Economy”
More Here http://wp.me/pKzXa-tz
The difference is that the DUP will be opening any new industries that may arise
Sinn Fein in charge of “FINANCE” will be implementing welfare cuts and elimination of 10,000 public service jobs.
Before the election southern media dug up any dirt they could to throw at Sinn Fein
But now there is complete media silence in South about SF committment to cuts
Is there something going on???
The Belfast Telegraph and Irish News Reports are available on my blog at the link above ( http://wp.me/pKzXa-tz)


2. roddy - June 2, 2016

Paddy, SF put aside 500 million to cancel out any effects of the Britsh welfare cuts.


Paddy Healy - June 2, 2016

Are you saying there will be no welfare cuts and no cuts in public services?
We will know soon enough!


3. roddy - June 2, 2016

No one on welfare will be worse off. If you can come up with a strategy yourself,let us have it.There are 2 options- try and fend off the worst of the British strategy by allocating resources to those most in need or collapse the institutions and allow the tory government to do their worst.This will include water charges,an end to free prescriptions and a full blown English style welfare system including the bedroom tax and no mitigation or “top up” for welfare claimants.Add to that the likelihood of others exploiting the situation to use a long period of British direct rule as an excuse for reigniting conflict.Despite perceptions ,tensions are never far below the surface up here.The PSNI are still barely tolerated in Nationalist areas and although to their credit they have behaved reasonably well since their creation,”events” could cause things to spiral out of control .


4. Paddy Healy - June 2, 2016

“No one on welfare will be worse off” Will those going onto welfare be worse off?
Soon all will be revealed and “spin” will be exposed.


5. roddy - June 2, 2016

And your “solution” is? Are you going to resurrect the Tipperary brigade and send us up a few Breens and Treacys to consign British rule to the dustbin of history?


Paddy Healy - June 2, 2016

‘Unite’ Trade Union To Picket DUP & Sinn Fein Over Welfare Cuts
Posted on November 27, 2015
Unite community activists protest devastating impact of Tory austerity cuts
Changes to social welfare provision will mean most vulnerable face devastating income cuts

Lowering corporation taxes will mean hundreds of millions in deeper cuts to public services

Speaking ahead of planned protests by Unite community branches outside DUP and Sinn Fein offices tomorrow (Saturday, 28th November 2015 at 1-2pm); Unite Community Organiser, Albert Hewitt, expressed his union’s concerns over the likely impact of devastating cuts facing local communities:

“Our community activists have led the way in terms of highlighting the devastating impact cuts to social welfare provisions and tax credits are likely to have on the most vulnerable in our society. We have also highlighted the impact that cuts to Legal Aid are having in terms of cutting access to legal redress over unfair welfare decisions – this protest is part of that wider campaign against Tory austerity measures.

“Last November’s budget heralded unprecedented cuts to public services – it is likely that future budgets will be even more destructive. As if these were not enough, George Osborne is currently seeking reductions of up to 24% in Departmental budgets – cuts on this scale are driven by an ideologically-motivated desire to dismantle core public services. These cuts are unconscionable and offer nothing to all communities in Northern Ireland.

“Working class communities are rightfully very concerned about the scale and severity of the expenditure reductions which will be forced through by the Tory government. The budget does not recognise the higher objective need existing in Northern Ireland, a society still transitioning conflict, and will be deeply divisive in terms of impact. The recent deal between the parties ties the hands of the NI Executive in the face of further and deeper Tory austerity cuts in the future.

“Perhaps of greatest concern is the deal’s proposal to reduce corporation tax to 12.5% in an unwinnable race-to-the-bottom on global tax haven status. No one knows just how much this will cost but we can be certain that this will mean hundreds of millions of pounds of further cuts to public expenditure budgets at a time we cannot afford them. Our communities deserve better. These protests send a clear signal that Unite in the community will be at the forefront of the campaign against austerity in Northern Ireland”, Mr Hewitt concluded.


6. Paddy Healy - June 2, 2016

Claiming that violence is the only alternative to implementing cuts is the oldest trick in the capitulators bag of tricks. As you well know, I have been advocating an All-Ireland united mass campaign against austerity for a long time. You can read it all here http://wp.me/pKzXa-tz
The line that anybody disagreeing with Sinn Féin is a “dissident” won’t wash.
Remember that PBP got nearly a quarter of the vote in West Belfast
PBP are very unlikely “dissos”


7. roddy - June 2, 2016

And the British Tory government will listen? People are protected against welfare cuts for at least 4 years at which stage more mitigation can be arranged by SF.


8. Paddy Healy - June 2, 2016

You seem to have a totally partitionist mentality-not surprising as this is rampant among the SF leadership north and south.
Neither the British Government nor the Free state government will listen until they have no choice- that is when there is a new All-Ireland Assembly of the Irish People
Remember 1918!
Or have you forgotten all basic republican objectives?

It is part of the essence of capitulatory social democracy in Ireland to maintain a division among the oppressed people which mirrors the method of rule(partition) of capitalist imperialism
SF sounds more like the mickey-mouse Irish Labour Party every day!
The 100th anniversary of the 1918 All-Ireland Parliament is but two years away?
Do you think that the Brits and the Free State would agree to make it a living reality? Would they listen without an “All-Ireland Campaign against Austerity” which generated irresistible mass pressure.


9. Joe - June 2, 2016

Never thought I’d come on here to say this but… Roddy, don’t waste your breath.


10. roddy - June 2, 2016

I threw in the towel several hours ago!


11. Paddy Healy - June 3, 2016

John Redmond wouldn’t waste his breath on the 1916 leaders
His party was swept away in 1918
Conservative “realism” is the enemy of revolutionary change!


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