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The deconstruction of societies… June 3, 2016

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A sad tale here in the Guardian, of the disappearance of children’s author Helen Bailey in the UK. But, this surely is a sign of the deconstruction of societies like our own, is it not?

It is a quiet spring afternoon, and there is no one else around on Wheatley’s corridor at Hitchin police station, a 10-minute walk from the train station, hidden along a side street, behind a wooden church hut, where the Hitchin Our Lady Catholic Scout and Guide Centre holds its meetings. The whole station, a square Lego model of a police station, feels very deserted; the automatic visitor doors do not open when you stand in front of them, and it turns out that the reception has been closed for several years. If you want to report a crime, you have to do it online or by phone. The only sign of life is a friendly, well-fed black cat, who belongs to the station. Wheatley emerges from a back door and leads the way to her upstairs office, where she sits in charge of about 140 officers.


1. gendjinn - June 4, 2016

Removing face time with the police. After seeing the UK’s civil nuclear preparedness & survival videos, my most cynical interpretation of that move is likely far too optimistic.


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