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Books on Irish Music in the last half century… any suggestions? June 4, 2016

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I’ve been reading Waking Up In Dublin: A Musical Tour of the Celtic Capital  by journalist  Neil Hegarty. The edition I’m reading was published in 2004, but there’a a more recent edition from 2011. It provides a breezily written whistlestop tour of various music scenes in Dubiln, traditional, classical, folk, rock and so on. I have to admit there was a fair bit in its pages I didn’t know, and it’s handy to have something pull those scenes together − though I’d be interested in what others who’ve read it think.

That said it is odd reading it at this remove, a good 12 years (and I’m presuming this is only true of the 2004 edition). And yet so much has changed. Hegarty interviews the people who ran Road Records on Fade Street and what is striking was how little was made of the internet, digital downloads and so on. Now a decade and more later it is hardly news how few outlets for new music in non-digital formats are available in the city. Though the curious return of vinyl in a small way is intriguing.

Hegarty makes a point, which has little to do with music, on foot of a visit to Dalkey to meet Barry Devlin (formerly of Horslips). He walks down from Dalkey village and out to the beach at Killiney.

“On this chilly day, the steeply shelving shingles and sand are more or less deserted. The hill rises steeply above the beach and now and again a DART rattles past. Castellated turrets and high walls rise through the trees and it feels a world away from Dublin. Perhaps, I think with sudden surprise, perhaps I wouldn’t like to live out here after all.’

Always thought that.

Anyhow, any other recommendations on Irish Music?


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