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Taking down Trump June 7, 2016

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Helaine Olen took the idea that pointing out Trump’s more, shall we say, scammier moments will be of use in the – presumably, Clinton vs. Trump contest. Writing in Slate after the release of the Trump University ‘play books’ that showed heavy pressure selling to people in order that they would sign up with that no doubt noble institution:

“Trump University Was a Scam Just Like the Trump Campaign,” proclaimed Jonathan Chait at New York magazine. “While the documents unsealed Tuesday didn’t reveal any bombshells, they did outline aggressive sales tactics that could provide further fodder for opponents’ attacks,” as Alexandra Jaffe noted at NBC.
If only.
Attacking Donald Trump for being a fraud doesn’t take. We should know this by now. Sure, he’ll say whatever necessary to close the sale. But this is what his fans like about him. They think this means he’ll get things done.

I think Olen may be right about the fact that none of this dents his support with those who like him but at the same time as importantly it does nothing for those who are equivocal. It’s not the converts that whoever faces Trump has to win back, it’s to consolidate support amongst those who might vote for him but aren’t certain that they will. Stuff like this does resonate, small wonder that Clinton has been so quick to push back with the ‘scam’ line.

This in comments BTL of the Olen piece I think gets the Trump phenomenon and the supporters of the man perfectly:

There’s a whole group of people who know he’s a conman and a liar, but think that he’s going to do it for their benefit.  They apparently never heard the adage that if you look around the room and you can’t recognize who the mark is, you’re the mark.


1. dublinstreams - June 7, 2016

there was piece in the Guardain about transferring the Sanders momentum to state elections, I don’t know how many there or other ballots, but it might enthuse lefties to go out and vote for similar minded candidates if therye are any and I suppose tick Clinton because they feel they have to


gendjinn - June 7, 2016

There’s a mini 1848 going on in the Dem party. DailyKos has purged almost all of it’s Sanders/Progressives, leaving the same class of people that betrayed the left then.

There seem to be some online commenters wandering the prog blogs trying to convince people that it is easier to stay in the party and work to change it than go to a 3rd party. One is beginning to suspect that these are paid given the earnestness of their tones, the striking coincidence of timing, and the similarity in their arguments/wording.

This is not the 2008 PUMAs, this feels a lot more like all of a sudden many people woke up from a bad dream and realised that the Dem party was f*cking them just a little less roughly than the GOP.

Sanders folks are angry, not in the jumping up and down, waving arms angry, that cold, hard anger that burns hot, long without much flame.

Clinton is blessed with Trump as an opponent, but if the GOP pulls a stunt and nominates someone else, she is toast.


2. dublinstreams - June 8, 2016

will we take down Trump? Trump Not Welcome – International Solidarity against racism, sexism and discrimination’. https://www.facebook.com/RuthCoppingerTD/posts/1028998023857505


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