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Identitarians June 8, 2016

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Reading this about the FPO candidate in Austria, Norbert Hofer, there was mention, actually quite a long one of Identitarians. That mouthful is, apparently:

[a] pan-European movement, originally derived from France’s far-right and anti-immigrant youth movement Génération Identitaire, claims to reject the kind of violent methods employed by the neo-Nazi scene, instead staging “aesthetic interventions” of the kind more familiar from leftwing or green movements.

There’s dispute as to its numbers. It claims 800 members in Austria alone whereas:

Some dismiss the group as little more than “rich kids playing at being in the NSDAP”. Vienna’s Archive of Austrian Resistance research centre estimates that the organisation has no more than 60-70 active members and about 500 sympathisers.

Guess who the Identitarians hate… well, there’s a clue in their ‘manifesto’ which gets straight to the point:

‘Generation Identity: A Declaration of War Against the ’68ers’,

And the Austrian variant is more of the same:


1. Belonging - June 8, 2016

Generation Identity is a disparate attempt to compound many strains of the the general European New Right school of thought into one political movement but ends up butchering the original thought and turning it into Trumpian activism. The Markus Willinger text is just an example of its intellextual weakness, de Benoist obviously being the biggest influence over the text he is never so polemic against the 68’s and indeed owes much of his own development to the event and its heirs. It is telling he has never lent credence to the group often reciting his name


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