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Signs of Hope – A continuing series June 9, 2016

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Gewerkschaftler suggested this yesterday:

I suggest this blog should have a regular (weekly) slot where people can post happenings at the personal or political level that gives them hope that we’re perhaps not going to hell in a handbasket as quickly as we thought. Or as the phlegmatic Germans put it “hope dies last”.

It’s a great idea. Any contributions this week?


1. Michael Carley - June 9, 2016

Further Education unions in Scotland have won restoration of a national contract, with uniform pay across the country, meaning a 33% pay rise for the lowest paid.


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WorldbyStorm - June 9, 2016

Fantastic news.


2. GW - June 9, 2016

Ireland violates women’s human rights by preventing access to abortion according toUN human rights committee.

A step forward. It’ll be good to watch the Fg/ff semi government squirm on that one!

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WorldbyStorm - June 9, 2016

Yeah, that’s a good one.


Tomboktu - June 9, 2016

The difference with this one is that it was an individual case (“communication” and “views” in UN-speak).

The UN human rights treaty bodies have been pretty clear before now. Here’s the recommendation in 2014 from the same body, on our compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (source PDF here):

The State party should:
(a) Revise its legislation on abortion, including its Constitution, to provide for additional exceptions in cases of rape, incest, serious risks to the health of the mother, or fatal foetal abnormality;

(b) Swiftly adopt a guidance document to clarify what constitutes a “real and substantive risk” to the life of the pregnant woman;

(c) Consider making more information on crisis pregnancy options available through a variety of channels, and ensure that health-care providers who supply information on safe abortion services abroad are not subject to criminal sanctions.

Here is the body charged with assessing our compliance with the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, in 2015 (source PDF here):

The Committee recommends that the State party take all the steps necessary, including a referendum on abortion, to revise its legislation on abortion, including the Constitution and the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act 2013, in line with international human rights standards; adopt guidelines to clarify what constitutes a real substantive risk to the life of a pregnant woman; publicize information on crisis pregnancy options through effective channels of communication; and ensure the accessibility and availability of information on sexual and reproductive health.

Here’s what the body charged with assessing our compliance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child said in 2016 (the source PDF is here):

the Committee recommends that the State party:
(a) Decriminalize abortion in all circumstances and review its legislation with a view to ensuring access by children to safe abortion and post-abortion care services; and ensure that the views of the pregnant girl are always heard and respected in abortion decisions;

Next year we get examined under the Convention for the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). I wonder if we will have changed the law by then or will there be another finding that we’re breaching human rights law.


Gewerkschaftler - June 10, 2016

Very informative – thanks Tombuktu.


3. 6to5against - June 9, 2016

I thought the LUAS outcome was overall quite positive. Establishing that money is available for pay rises, that those pay demands aren’t unreasonable and that strong union activity can work.

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4. LeftAtTheCross - June 9, 2016

Well it’s a glass half full one, but it’s summer and the second level teachers are enjoying their well deserved 3month holiday, most of them on full pay. Thankfully they haven’t been casualised into precarity yet at any rate. As Mrs LATC is one of said teachers I’m also enjoying the more relaxed summer regime.

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Kieran Glennon - June 10, 2016

Someone should write an ode to the phrase “Contract of Indefinite Duration”. Since she got hers two years ago, Ms Nightdub no longer has to spend all of July under house arrest correcting Leaving Cert papers for the sake of the measerly few bob the piece rate offers. Watching her unwind into the summer is great.


WorldbyStorm - June 10, 2016

CID’s are great. My only gripe was that where I had one (I had to give it up for various reasons in the end) it was used pretty much as a block on further progress. So it depends on the place and – perhaps as always – the bosses one has.


irishelectionliterature - June 10, 2016

Similar in my own house , although my wife is doing some work as the exam co-ordinator in her school but has split the job with another lady so it’s not every day. I’ve even come home a few times to find a dinner waiting for me 🙂 ..I normally do the cooking.
My 16 year old son is off and much to my daughters dismay he is collecting her from school for June!


5. sonofstan - June 9, 2016

Would this be an appropriate area to enthuse about books, music, film etc. that we’ve enjoyed, learned from, or that steady our nerve for the struggles that are always ahead?


Michael Carley - June 9, 2016

I keep making people read and watch Strumpet City …

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benmadigan - June 10, 2016

i’m enjoying the film.Still have to see the last 5 or 6 episodes Read the book in the past


Kieran Glennon - June 10, 2016

I have a framed poster of the cover of “London Calling” in the living room. Just to keep me grounded.

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6. sonofstan - June 10, 2016

So, assuming it’s the affirmative with regard to my suggestion up there, I’d like to recommend, though to whom I’m not sure since EC appears to have vanished, John Corbett’s book ‘A Listeners Guide to Free Improvisation’

Completely jargon free, and dedicated to demystifying what is, in essence the simplest music in the world, but often the most difficult to get in the zone with, Corbett expalins how to listen.

Free improvisation is not by any means the only kind of music I listen to, and it’s not my favourite recorded genre, but nothing beats it live, at least when it works. It’s like watching revolutionary praxis happen in front of your eyes and ears. It’s also, by a long shot, the most international and least hegemonic type of music practice I know; while certain towns have a concentration of practitioners – London, Amsterdam, Oslo, Chicago – they don’t get to decide how it’s done the way London gets to dictate Grime, Atlanta Trap, and SiCo the charts. It also does that difficult thing of being democratic without grinding to occupy -type stasis; you get to speak, but you are required by the forms of social organsation to have something to say and the ability to say it.


WorldbyStorm - June 10, 2016

Sorry yeah definitely the place to enthuse. That’s a great steer on a part of music I’ve only the haziest acquaintance with


Gewerkschaftler - June 10, 2016

Check – improvisation is not consistent with recording. And when you hear a really good outfit live it’s like nothing else.

Most music colleges include it as an option / sometimes compulsory I believe. Of course until the 19th century practically every musician was expected to be able to improvise within the rules of the agreed structures / genres / traditions.

And yes, it does prefigure the kind of open social improvisation that will part of the ‘solution’ we so badly require.

Not sure if I’ll ever get to read the book, though.


7. Michael Carley - June 10, 2016

And if we’re enthusing about poetry and music to steady us for what lies ahead, Autumn Journal:

None of our hearts are pure, we always have mixed motives,
Are self-deceivers, but the worst of all
Deceits is to murmur `Lord, I am not worthy’
And, lying easy, turn your face to the wall.
But may I cure that habit, look up and outwards
And may my feet follow my wider glance
First no doubt to stumble, then to walk with the others
And in the end—with time and luck–to dance.

and Qualcuno era comunista:



8. Joe - June 10, 2016

Well. The big son is in discussions with a publisher to publish a book of poems – not the first time but he thinks this is for real. The daughter just qualified. And the small son has started the Leaving and all is well so far.
Is this too much like Facebook blowing?


sonofstan - June 10, 2016

‘we were very lucky to have the chance to….’


9. Gewerkschaftler - June 10, 2016

Podemos Unidos second in the polls in the Spanish elections.

Whatever you may think of Podemos the power of the corrupt Spanish political duopoly is waning. Sound’s familiar?


10. Dr. X - June 10, 2016

Lithuanian migrant workers in UK have won their civil case for compensation against a viciously exploitative firm of gangmasters:



11. mobfilms - June 10, 2016

Seeing SF and FG compete on who will get a bill to ban onshore hydrocarbon through the dail first is good as it is something us antifrackers in Leitrim/Roscommon have been working towards for years. SF footdragging with regard to doing anything to stop the drilling of dubious legality presently happening on the edge of woodburn reservoir in antrim is not so good.


mobfilms - June 10, 2016



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