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Ten years of the Cedar Lounge Revolution June 10, 2016

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Yeah. Count ’em. Ten years and this is where we started. Thanks to all of you.


1. Tawdy - June 10, 2016

Here`s to many, many more years.

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2. sonofstan - June 10, 2016

All power to the soviets….

Sorry, I mean well done you (and us)

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3. irishelectionliterature - June 10, 2016

https://cedarlounge.wordpress.com/2006/06/10/a-great-leap-forward/ The first post.
and again here’s to many more years ….

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Michael Carley - June 11, 2016

Interesting to see what has improved since that first post and CLR can take a little credit for that.

May it keep going a lot longer.


4. Joe - June 10, 2016

Go maire sé/tú/muid an céad.


5. Aonrud ⚘ - June 10, 2016

+1 to the above and well done to Wbs and everyone else involved over the years.

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6. Alibaba - June 10, 2016

Cheers to you all. And at the risk of coming across as sycophantic, thanks for all the extras … WbS.


7. An Sionnach Fionn - June 10, 2016

Congrats, and here’s to ten more!


8. gendjinn - June 10, 2016

Congrats on being just too stubborn to quit! And thanks.


9. LeftAtTheCross - June 10, 2016

That’s some achievement. How many pages of posts and comments have been typed here in the past 10 years? All that discussion and we still haven’t sorted out the world though. But the blog has been genuinely educational over the years, the discussions are (almost) always interesting, and the atmosphere is just right. The Goldilocks blog of the Far Left perhaps? Well done all the contributors, WBS in particular but also IEL, Garibaldy, Tomboktu and others. And it wouldn’t be the same without the commenters, some drift in and out, some are always here, all are part of what makes CLR special. Yes, some achievement indeed.

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10. Gerryboy - June 10, 2016

In your opening post you mentioned (jocularly, I’d say) a litany of groupuscules that seem to more against each other than against the system, viz. “Stoppers vs. Mongers, Trots vs. Stalinists, Revolutionaries vs. Reformers, Social Democrats vs. Democratic Socialists”. [but you forgot the etcs.] At any rate CLR has survived The Split. Any splits you may have had involved side-splitting laughter. That’s my message to you – keep a sense of humour and you’ll harm the systematic oppression more than the unsystematic opposition alternatives. Humour beats tumour.


11. roddy - June 10, 2016

I came across it by accident,I don’t know how many years ago now. I have wound people up, been banned for a couple of weeks ,agreed with a lot of it’s content and it’s still the first site I visit when I go online!

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12. 6to5against - June 10, 2016

I check it several times a day. There’s always something of interest, often something educational and occasionally something funny. I’ve also discovered some great new music, courtesy of ‘this weekend…..


13. fergal - June 10, 2016

I’ve picked up loads of tips, insights, on whole range of topics as well as books, documentaries, films etc.
There have been some really memorable discussions- think one of the best for rigour, reflection and size was one done in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attack.
Keep it up…


14. WorldbyStorm - June 10, 2016

Appreciated, one and all. But no comments, no interaction, no emails with news and links and this weekends and documents for the Left Archive sent in by everyone here, no lurkers and occasional posters, well, then there’s no site. It’s genuinely a collective effort from everyone here and beyond.


15. 1798Mike - June 10, 2016

Long may the discussion continue. Thanks WBS.

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16. sonofstan - June 11, 2016

‘never forgetting, of course, the truism that in every generation, left-wing opinion is always ‘more divided than ever’


Funny then, funny now


lamentreat - June 11, 2016

Many happy returns! Serious stamina and determination to keep a political site going this long, and with such consistently high quality. Thanks WBS and all.

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17. CMK - June 11, 2016

Hearty congratulations, that’s some achievement. It’s the only blog I read nowadays on a daily basis. The CLR has helped me make sense of the past 8 years. Looking forward to the next ten years! Of the CLR, that is, not what the establishment have lined up for us!

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18. EWI - June 11, 2016

Congratulations, all!

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19. lcox - June 11, 2016

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who keeps the site going. A very badly needed space!

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20. Gewerkschaftler - June 12, 2016

Late to the birthday party, as ever!

My thanks as well for all those who make this the sole on-line space where Irish politics are discussed in a wider context and in a framework that I can relate to and a reasonably civil place to discuss.

Ten more years!

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21. Paul Wilson - June 21, 2016

Congratulations, a unique and invaluable blog.


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