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Euro 2016 …… The North on Today, Ourselves Tomorrow… June 12, 2016

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A few days in, some decent matches, wins for Wales, France and Switzerland and then last nights late draw for Russia V England …. awful scenes of violence in Marseilles. The North are in action today at 5.00 and ourselves on Tomorrow at 5.00.
Michael O’Neill has done an incredible job with the North, which to a Rovers fan like myself doesn’t surprise me one little bit. There was an assumption when he left that the board, O’Neill, the fans, the players all played a large part in the success of Rovers in the O’Neill era. It’s really only now with the malaise of the last few years since he left that many are realising how much of a role O’Neill played in the clubs success. Without O’Neill at the helm the Europa League qualification and even the League titles wouldn’t have happened.
Interesting to see how quiet the country is on Monday at 5 for the Irish match. My own work has a big screen and have promised beers and snacks, although I intend to be out of the place in time to get home for kick off. After the disaster on the pitch that Euro 2012 was I sincerly hope we give a good account of ourselves and make it through to the knockout stages. Would be brilliant to get the country on one big football buzz.


1. WorldbyStorm - June 12, 2016

That’s great re 5 tomorrow. Already there’s a lot of flags and stuff up around where I live. So could be good.


2. Michael Carley - June 12, 2016

Watching NI on BBC. Do they ever wonder why some players don’t sing the anthem? Or why they sing God Save The Queen when Wales and Scotland don’t?


3. Gewerkschaftler - June 12, 2016

That would be the one with the round ball and the bad acting, would it?


Gewerkschaftler - June 12, 2016

I jest – I shall sneak of the the local Iranian-Turkish bar/kebab joint to catch at least some of the match.


sonofstan - June 12, 2016

Do Turks in Germany have the same instinctive anyone but Deutschland approach as we have regarding the English?

Great finish from Schweiny there though…


Gewerkschaftler - June 13, 2016

Overall I’d say no.

But the Turkish – German relationship is incredibly complicated (not least because many of the people called Turkish are Kurdish or Iranian etc.), especially since the AfD and Erdogan, the war refugee crisis, the renewal of the Turkish war against the Kurds etc. etc.

So you can’t really speak of ‘Turks’ having a fixed position. There are a lot of rightist nationalists ranging from Erdogan supporters to Grey Wolf territory. Then there are a lot of HDP supporters as well.

I was in Kreuzberg yesterday afternoon and people were not happy with the performance of the Turkish team in the footie.

It was a good game I thought – my minimal football appreciation skills taken into account. Football fans very much taken with the manner of the return of Schweinsteiger.


sonofstan - June 13, 2016

‘the Turkish – German relationship is incredibly complicated’

Like the Irish- English one isn’t? 🙂

No, see what you mean.


4. 6to5against - June 12, 2016

I’m going to be in the middle of a 12 hour flight at 5 tomorrow. Not good planning…


irishelectionliterature - June 12, 2016

Son got a text today wondering if he’d play for the Minor Footballers tomorrow evening .As he’s an under 16 he was thrilled to play up and said yes and then copped he’d miss the second half! ………….. luckily another text arrived to say the match was Tuesday!


5. Joe - June 14, 2016
6. Brian Hanley - June 14, 2016
7. irishelectionliterature - June 14, 2016

We were good for most of the game yesterday and at least we got something from it. Looks like Walters is fucked though which is bad news.
Italy were brilliant last night.


sonofstan - June 14, 2016

Whatever the outcome, it’s a lot better than watching Trappatoni’s tribute to prog-rock ’70s Italian football last time out.


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