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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week June 12, 2016

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Strong competition this week but perhaps this is a nose ahead:

Last Sunday, on the Week in Politics, I said Martin’s brilliant strategy in going into Opposition had achieved two aims.

First, it put Fianna Fail’s future on a firm foundation. Second, it positioned the party to shaft Sinn Fein.

Because Micheál Martin’s strategy is Napoleonic in its sweep, some of his party are struggling with the dialectics of keeping Sinn Fein pinned down and the current Government propped up.


1. Mick Fealty - June 12, 2016

Eoghan getting carried away again?

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2. roddy - June 12, 2016

I’m sure slugger o’tool will assist in the “shafting” and “pinning down” of SF!

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3. sonofstan - June 12, 2016


Able was he ere he saw Enda

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4. paulculloty82 - June 12, 2016

Niamh Horan’s latest inane drivel comes close – can someone be sexist against their own gender?


5. dmoc - June 12, 2016

“dialectincs” Jesus. It was only a matter of time before the “going forward optics are fit for purpose” crowd started to discover the joys of ‘dialectics’ (the word, not Hegel).


6. Gewerkschaftler - June 12, 2016

Normally those with delusions of grandeur imagine themselves to be Napoleon. Is this a case of referred delusions of grandeur?

Perhaps we are witnessing the birth of a new psychiatric category.

Did it really mention “dialectincs”? Perhaps part of the syndrome is not being able to distinguish between G. W. Hegel and L. Ron Hubbard.


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