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Cold cold comfort for tenants… June 14, 2016

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Anyone catch the piece in the SBP this weekend about how landlords are vowing to oppose moves to protect tenants in cases where a property is sold on. Fintan McNamara of the Residential Landlords Association believes such proposals are ‘unconstitutional’. Which is interesting because as he notes they’re not in Germany, so it would indeed be educative to see this tested before the courts.

If one is expecting any sympathy from McNamara for tenants in such a plight – well, think again. He argues that:

People cite the goings on in Tyrrelstown, but hard cases make bad law.

Worse again, from his perspective:

It would be very detrimental to the sector here if we were to transpose [the German] example on Ireland.

Though he seems to half contradict himself in the next breath:

This idea that if there were more regulations more people would rent is a total nonsense and misleading for young people.

And how about this for cold cold comfort:

‘There is no substitute for owning and occupying your own home, if you can.’ he said.

What’s that whooshing sound overhead?


1. irishelectionliterature - June 14, 2016

Aside from the larger cases like Tyrellstown, there seems to be quite a lot of landlords selling up…. or at least that’s the reason they are giving tenants when declining to renew leases.
I’m not an expert in the area but is there a length of tenancy by law before tenants rights kick in. …. in other words in today’s boom times for landlords does it actually make financial sense for them to turf people out annually and get another batch of tenants in at a higher rent?


2. gendjinn - June 14, 2016

Rent control was found to be unconstitutional in 81. Not sure of the details but I’d guess a constitutional amendment might be needed to make progress in this area.


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